Empyrean Eridanus Claret 2004

Empyrean Claret 2004Empyrean Website

Purchased from Splash Wines, $45

Aaron:  I might be overly critical (particularly given Teri’s rating) but at $45 a bottle I want my wine to be better than my favorite $20-$30 bottles.  I noticed dark chocolate tar on the nose with some prune and plum.  The flavor was pleasantly full with heavy tannins and strawberry.  Sadly, this left a chalky taste in my mouth and the finish was slightly harsh.  89 points

Teri: Rich, full, and delicious! The hearty smell of red berries on the nose mimics the flavors of blackberry, rich cherry, and oak within the bottle. To pinpoint a few unique flavors I could taste: cherry pie and caramel oak. This bottle will please your bold red wine lovers and pairs well with hearty meals. 94 points 


Cesuret Chardonnay 2004

Purchased from the Cesuret tasting room in Italy

Aaron: I was afraid this would have gone bad … but was pleasantly surprised.  The smell was intriguing with mango and basil competing for prominence.  The flavor was watered down at first but then some graham cracker and nice mellow fruits made for an enjoyable bottle. 90 points

Teri: Drinking a Chardonnay 10 years in the bottle was unusual for us, but this one was a surprise. A light peach/oak smell with a full mouth flavor but light on the finish. While the lemon flavor lingers after the swallow, there is balanced fruit in the taste (peach, lemon, and apricot) with some butter flavor. 89 points