Laura Zahtila Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2007


Purchased from Laura Zahtila (Now Laura Michael) Tasting Room, $55

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Aaron:  We held this bottle for a while and it was worth it.  The fruity nose was mellow and pleasant, featuring tobacco leaves and bark with light mushrooms growing.  The flavor was very fruit forward with blackberries dipped in tar and molasses – as expected from a napa zin.  Some rum raisins and a hint of cinnamon made the finish complex and enjoyable. 91 points

Teri: Aaron and I purchased the bottle over 5 years ago and have let it sit until now; the results were worth it. I smell juicy blackberries and red cherries on the nose. Very smooth tannins with intense flavors of cocoa, raspberry, plum, and tobacco. Rich and delicious but you probably want to enjoy it with food. 92 points 


Waving Tree Nebbiolo 2007


Waving Tree Website, $30

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Aaron:  This wasn’t a winner for me.  The nose was potent with brandy and paint thinner, generally off-putting and too much chemical.  The aggressive alcohol flavor dominated the raspberry and strawberry and the aftertaste was industrial and chemical, similar to the smell.  To be fair, this bottle had outlived itself (drank 10 years after bottling), but you would expect good wine to age better.  85 points

Teri: This wine has more of a ‘port’ style smell (plum/raisin). Masculine flavors of leather, oak, plum, and minerals; Bold and full. It has aged well in the bottle but I wouldn’t let it age farther than it has already (about 10 years). 88 points 

Nelson Hill Pinot Noir 2007

Nelson Hill Pinot NoirNelson Hill Winery

We picked up this bottle from a local market in Mendocino, $17.99

Aaron:  A nice fruity smell coats ferns on the nose of this pinot.  There’s great flavor which is full of nuts and fruits but my favorite part was a spicy pop which was surprisingly pleasant and provided the perfect contrast.  I really liked this.  91 points

Teri: After 8 years in the bottle, this wine had a great medium body with firm but smooth flavors. Berries on the nose yield way to a medium body of blueberry, cherry, and vanilla flavor with just a hint of spice on the finish. The color of this wine was also quite notable: a beautiful cherry color. 89 points

Las Acequias Malbec 2007

Purchasing details unknown. 

Aaron:  I thoroughly enjoyed this bottle.  Some leaves and oak on the nose weren’t overpowering and generally this had a light smell.  The best way I can describe the flavor is subtle.  It’s a little light but very smooth with some oak and spice complemented by mild fruits.  It was certainly complex but much calmer than I expected for a malbec and would make a good transition bottle for those who are becoming a little more adventurous in their wine drinking.  92 points

Teri: The Malbec delivers a burst of flavor then smooths out to velvety flavors of light oak, raspberry and pepper. A long and soft finish pairs well with its dark cherry smell. As with most Malbec flavors, the spice sits on the finish and this one lingers pleasantly. 90 points