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Sun River Vintners Tribute 2010


Purchased from the D’s Wicked Cider Tasting Room in Kennewick, WA, $20

Sun Rivers Website

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Aaron:  This is a great bottle with blueberries and burnt tobacco.  The super fruity flavor featured cherries and vanilla with lots of red fruits.  This is easy drinking with a smooth finish and all around excellent.  91 points

Teri: When walking into D’s Wicket Cider Tasting Room I had no idea the company made more than just Cider. I was pleasantly surprised by this red blend under their current label “Sun River Vintners.” The nose carries smells of black cherries and raspberries. There are noticeable tannins which are semi-chalky but mostly smooth. The flavor is hearty and full of tobacco, red fruits, leather, and pepper. This bottle would stand up to hearty meals as a beautiful complement. 88 points 


Nipozzano Riserva Chianti Rufina 2010


Wine.com, $25.99

Total Wine & More, $19.99

Aaron:  A wet oak nose reminded me of what old-world wines should smell like.  This was rounded out with a somewhat thin tar and blueberry.  The flavor was pretty dry with moderate tannins.  Tree bark and earthy notes dominated with a hint of strawberry encompassing the backdrop.  89 points

Teri: Oaky blueberries on the nose and an overall hearty wine but easy drinking. Medium and noticeable tannins with flavors of juniper berries, tannic raspberries, and white pepper. Hearty, flavorful and better with food. This bottle would stand up to heavy meals. 89 points 

Villa Maria New Zealand Dry Riesling 2010 Private Bin

Villa Maria New Zeland Dry Resiling

Dry Riesling on Villa Maria Website

Wine of the Month Club, Feb 2015, $15.99

Aaron: Dry, fruity peach nose with some slate and mushroom.  This riesling is nice and crisp with some tangy citrus and orange fruits.  Tangerine and cantaloupe flavors are fine but not incredible.  88 points

Teri: The best part of this wine is the juxtaposition of the bright flavors to the clean dry finish of the wine. A nose of peach and green apple are reflected in the wine itself, carrying further green apple characteristics along with white peach and bitter pear. This wine is very easy to drink and I give it 90 points for its flavor and drinkability.

Chatom Vineyards 2010 Zinfandel Calaveras County

Chatom Vineyards 2010 Zinfandel Purchased from the Chatom Vineyards tasting room, $20

Aaron: Raspberry and tar on the nose culminate in a pretty bold smell.  The flavor is extremely smooth as one would expect from a 5 year old bottle.  The prominent flavors are smokey cigar and dark, rocky flavors like what you would get from the rocks secluded in a damp cave.  The flavor is deep and full but not with fruit and berries, more like volcanic soil – though to be clear, this is not off-putting at all, it’s very enjoyable and mature.  92 points

Teri: A dark berry color and raspberry jam nose are prominent in the glass. Full flavors of plum, earthy raspberry and then prune on the finish leave your mouth with full but smooth tannins. Great flavors from start to finish and maybe even a hint of blueberry undertones. I would drink this wine all by itself or enjoy it with a full hearty meal with meat as the centerpiece. 91 points

Robert Craig Affinity 2010

Robert Craig 2010 AffinityRobert Craig Tasting Notes 

Total Wine & More, $48.99

Aaron: This scores differently for the nose and flavor. A dark, rich, and intense nose with rivers of strawberry, vanilla and a hint of oak.  The flavor is bold and oak-heavy from the start – clearly a Napa cab.  Good tannins provide body without being chalky.  There are identifiable leaves behind the prominent mixed berries but certainly wood-forward.  93 for the nose, 90 for flavor

Teri: The nose and taste on this bottle was filled with both oak and chocolate covered cherries. An abundance of cherry on the taste with a further hint of leather and smooth smokey raspberries on the finish. The long lingering flavors after the swallow contain quite noticeable but smooth enough tannins. This wine is a classic napa fruity cab sav and would hold up to large meals. It could be enjoyed alone, but I personally think this wine is better with food. 90 points for complexity but would be enjoyed most by avid wine drinkers or those who love the bold fruit forward napa reds.