Chateau Franc-Cardinal 2011 Cotes De Bordeaux

Chateau Franc-CardinalPurchased from Splash Wines

Vivino Profile 

72% Merlot, 24% Cabernet Franc, 4% Malbec

Aaron: Being excited for a wine makes disappointment much more disappointing.  This smelled musky with dark, wet mud covering mossy, rotting wood (to be fair it’s not as off-putting as it sounds).  The flavor was too tart and tight, sadly it never really opened up.  I noticed lemon-coated raspberries and bittersweet chocolate.  Coupled with a tingling sensation on the tip of my tongue this was sadly not the best.  85 points

Teri: This Bordeaux is not overly complex but still good structured tannins. The nose smells like a woody forest with blackberry bushes. The flavors I tasted in the wine are pepper, rhubarb, and blueberry first then it turns to woody spice on the finish. The wine was much better after breathing for a few hours and the following day carried more prominent fruit flavors, but nothing great overall. 87 points 

Radford Dale Chardonnay 2011

Radford Dale Chardonnay 2011The Winery of Good Hope Website

Purchased off of Splash Wines

Aaron:  I really liked this one.  Melon and beechwood along with sand and some banana made for a unique nose and the flavor was full and creamy.  White and yellow stone fruits are pleasant flavors while a hint of citrus sneaks in at the end.  The taste is mostly in the back, roof of your mouth and lingers for a good while.  91 points

Teri: South Africa is a great up and coming region for wines. This Chardonnay has a mixture of floral and vegetable flavors on the nose. The wine tastes quite different from the smell; flavors of green apple, lychee, and smooth butter and cream on the finish. A great blend of fruit and cream with a medium body and bright acidity but not overwhelming. 90 points 


Las Rocas de San Alejandro Granacha 2011

Las Rocas Garnacha San Alejandro Website, $11.99

Aaron: A ruby, rose nose introduces this bottle, followed by a smooth, velvety flavor of mocha and walnuts.  Fruity strawberry and lots of vanilla make this easy to drink but full enough to prevent gulping.  The slightest bit of bite on the end also prevents you from drinking too quickly, making this an all-around enjoyable wine.  90 points

Teri: After about 4 years in the bottle, this Granacha was smooth and quite easy to drink with abundant flavors of spice and fruit. I loved the spicy blueberry pie flavor with pepper and a hint of coco. I would save this bottle for an evening with friends or to enjoy with a hearty meal. Smooth, good tannins, and partners with good times. 90 points 


Rincon Del Tajo 2011 – Old Vine Garnacha

Rincon del Tajo 2011Lot 18, $18

Aaron:  This had a good, full flavor of cocoa and only a touch of oak but wasn’t as “warm” as I’d like.  This felt a bit metallic to me, despite its floral nose.  There were some dark berries and cinnamon on the smell which were pleasing but I didn’t get enough of them in the flavor.  89 points

Teri: This was my first old vine garnacha and I didn’t know what to expect. Similar to an old vine zinfandel, the flavors were smoother and full but a bit muted. The berry, slightly jammy, nose makes way to smooth tannins and leafy characteristics in the flavors (green bean, black cherry, and unsweetened coco). A long finish and the smooth flavor makes it easy to drink. Not as much jammy flavors on the taste but it carries the smoothness of the old vine grape. 88 points