Peju Provence NV

Purchased from Peju’s tasting room, $22
Peju Website 

Peju’s take on a red/white blend with three reds (Zinfandel, Cabernet, Merlot) and two whites (Riesling, Chardonnay) is a rich but light easy drinking wine.

Aaron:  This is a nice lunch wine, but pretty “juice-like”.  There was a light berry, almost cherry smell with a mildly jammy flavor of strawberry.  While there were lots of fruit flavors, there was no oak to balance, making this a bit on the sweet side but not too bad.  88 points

Teri: I love the light body and full flavor of this red/white blend. It has a lighter red color, but is still darker than a rose. Nothing stands out on the nose but the taste is a beautiful, round, full, and crisp flavor. Full fruit forward flavors of cranberry, blueberry, and strawberry. Long lingering finish of red fruits and faint spice. The taste is versatile and could go well with just about any meal or even calm spicy foods. 90 points

ChocolatRouge NV

Chocolatrouge Website
BevMo, $8.99

Aaron: This smelled like hot cocoa and milk.  There was clearly chocolate with a slight bite, but no harshness.  It was super sweet all around and chocolaty, making it an interesting aperitif, but not “wine”.  No score.

Teri: This is different than any other chocolate wine I have tasted. It is not too rich and syrupy but reminded me of a ‘white russian’ or  Baily’s. I greatly enjoyed this over ice with its smooth and not overly sweet flavors. This was great to enjoy with dessert and a great mixer for other tasty drinkable treats.  89 points

Pallini Lemoncello Liqueur

Pallini Website
Total Win & More, 21.99
BevMo, $24.99

Aaron: Does this count as a wine? Not really.  Could some people be confused because it’s usually placed near the wine? Yes, so we put it on the blog to add some variety.  Variety is not what’s present in this bottle however.  Two simple flavors throughout the nose and flavor: Lemon and Sugar …. lots and lots of sugar.  You can probably only drink a little of this.  No Rating.

Teri: Not quite a wine, but more of an after dinner digestivo, we wanted to add this after our recent trip to Italy and its continued popularity in the United States on dessert menus. Lemon zest is primary throughout, go figure, and there is a slight pucker in the aftertaste probably from both the lemon and the alcohol. A slight hint of sweetness still does not quite overtake the 25% or so or alcohol contained within this liquor. Enjoyable, but in small portions. 87 points

Maui Blanc (Pineapple Wine) NV

This bottle was brought over from Teri’s best friend who lives on Maui. Thanks Sandy!

Bev Mo, $16.49
Total Wine & More, $8.99

Aaron:  Spoiler Alert! Smells like pineapple.  The bottle says “caramel color” but honestly this looks like water in the glass.  While I love pineapple, I wasn’t a fan of this flavor.  There was a lack of complexity and while I enjoyed trying something new felt this wasn’t a winner.  80 points

Teri: Delicious smell of tropical flavors, especially pineapple…go figure. The color comes very close to clear and the taste left me wanting more after its amazing smell. Similar to pineapple infused water with a hint of an alcoholic aftertaste I preferred to just smell the wine and imagine a taste comparable. Pineapple is the primary flavor overall and it has a short finish with the light taste. This bottle is light and refreshing, but does not carry much substance. 84 points