Gruet Blanc de Noir NV

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Total Wine & More, $16.99

BevMo, $15.99 Info

Aaron: Dry and crisp with a mellow finish.  This sparkling was fine on its own but great with a refreshing appetizer.  I got a lot of white strawberry and green ferns on this very dry Blanc de noirs. 91 points

Teri: Aaron and I enjoyed this bottle at a wine bar in Scottsdale Arizona. I’m very glad we did because it is now one of my favorite sparklings! Easy to drink with tremendous flavor. Dry overall with flavors of peach, almond, and honey. Crisp with plenty of bubbles. 90 points 


Apothic Inferno 2015

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Total Wine & More, $12.97

Aaron: I was excited to try this bottle because who doesn’t like things finished in bourbon barrels? There is smoke on the nose and a lot of black and dark berries.  The flavor is extremely velvety, one of the smoothest I’ve had with a rich and balanced flavor.  Lots of chocolate and vanilla here.  91 points

Teri: A nose of chocolate and vanilla. The wine has a sweet undertone with a subtle finish of plum and smokey maple. Overall, an abundance of sweeter dark red fruits are very prominent and although not very complex it is very easy to drink. Richer than most reds, but the slighlty sweeter side most likely makes it more palatable to newer wine drinkers. 87 points 

Double Dog Dare Merlot NV

Total Wine & More, $3.49Double Dog Dare Merlot

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Aaron: Any points for this wine come from the super cheap price.  It was very fruity with a corn syrup smell.  Cranberry, tight berries and tons of sweetness make this a juicy wine lacking in complexity.  83 points

Teri: This bottle is great for general wine drinkers. The nose is full of red berries with just a hint of cinnamon and the fruit forward flavors of blackberries and cherry complement its medium body and legs. There is also only a slight hint of oak and smoke in the taste. With the cheaper cost of this bottle its a great last minute wine option, or easy to stock up for a large party.  86 points