Champ de Reves Pinot Noir 2012

ChampdeRevesPurchased from the Golden Eye Tasting Room in Anderson Valley

Champ de Reves Website

Aaron:  This had a huge foresty smell of pine trees doused with strawberry sauce.  The flavor was luscious and full with decently prominent tannins for a pinot.  The good body makes it easy to sip and hard to gulp – pretty good overall.  90 points

Teri: The nose on this pinot is very light with only a hint of spice with strawberry. This pinot is balanced beautifully with blended flavors of oak and strawberry with a long strawberry finish. Some characteristics of jam also jump on the tastebuds with just a hint of rhubarb pie and a dash of leather at the end. One of my favorites. 91 points 


Edmeades Gewurstraminer 2013

Edmeades Gewurstraminer 2013Purchased from the winery in Anderson Valley, $26

Aaron:  Nice and fruity white peach and syrup smell.  the flavor is much dryer than the nose and very crisp.  Lots of green apples are nowhere near as sweet as the smell implies.  The body is light with decent, though slightly tart flavor of lemon at the end.  90 points.

Teri: I have always been a huge fan of the Gewurztraminer grape and Edmeades does a good job at creating a wine worthy of its characteristics. The smell brings about memories of canned peaches in light syrup. Within the wine’s flavors, I tasted dry green apple and mandarin oranges with a distant hint of lemon. The wine is on the dry side with flavors that linger, but not for too long. I would have this wine as a great summer pick for hanging around outside or packed with your favorite book and a picnic blanket. 89 points 

Nelson Hill Pinot Noir 2007

Nelson Hill Pinot NoirNelson Hill Winery

We picked up this bottle from a local market in Mendocino, $17.99

Aaron:  A nice fruity smell coats ferns on the nose of this pinot.  There’s great flavor which is full of nuts and fruits but my favorite part was a spicy pop which was surprisingly pleasant and provided the perfect contrast.  I really liked this.  91 points

Teri: After 8 years in the bottle, this wine had a great medium body with firm but smooth flavors. Berries on the nose yield way to a medium body of blueberry, cherry, and vanilla flavor with just a hint of spice on the finish. The color of this wine was also quite notable: a beautiful cherry color. 89 points