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Ad Lib Treehugger No Oak Chardonnay 2011

Ad Lib TreehuggerWorld Market, $19.99


Aaron: I thought this had a really nice pineapple and citrus nose with a lighter flavor of sweet mandarines and honey…lots of honey.  The metallic, steel aftertaste wasn’t my favorite, making this pretty good but not amazing.  89 points.

Teri: This wine puts two things I love together: unoaked chardonnay and Western Australia. This wine carries flavors of red apple, peach, and a slightly metallic finish with honeydew.  Its body rivals that of standard oaked chardonnays but is still crisp and refreshing. Nothing overly stunning but a great easy drinking enjoyable white, plus a humorous name. 89 points 



Layer Cake Shiraz 2010

Given as a gift from our friend Myra! Thanks Myra! 

Total Wine & More, $12.99
BevMo, $17.99

Layer Cake Website

Aaron: I’ve always liked my good friend Myra because she’s really awesome – I liked her even more after she gave us this great bottle as an engagement present!  A mocha vinegar smell reminded me of coco beans still on the tree with some bark.  The rich, thick flavor features some heavy tannins but the chocolate cream with a little spice made for a very pleasant flavor.  I noticed some mildly tart raspberry on the finish and would only recommend this to people pairing it with a big meal.  90 points

Teri: Talk about a full bodied wine – BAM! A cloud of flavor upfront then your taste buds slowly make out other distinct flavors from there. My progression was coco –> spice –> raspberry –> then vanilla and oak which sits with the tannins and lingers for miles in your mouth. Australia always does a few things well: espresso, meat pies, and Shiraz. 90 points 

Domain Barrossa Black Tongue Shiraz 2010

Purchased from Naked Wines, $21.99

Domain Barossa Website

Aaron:  This bottle impressed me.  Most notable of everything: watermelon flavor – fyi, I love watermelon!  Precluding this was a strong berry smell with a hint of spice.  I felt the creamy flavor with only a slight bite on the swallow was great and the unique finishing flavor makes this is a must try.  92 points

Teri: This bottle lives up to its name, my tongue was dark purple after enjoying this bottle (nothing a good scrub with the toothbrush couldn’t get out). The flavor starts out with a lighter raspberry taste then blends from one flavor to the next very nicely until it ends with a spice finish. A full bodied strong red that is bound to be a favorite of those who like spicy dry reds. Overall, I loved the complexity and uniqueness of this bottle. 91 points

Oliverhill Winery Red Silk ‘McLarenVal’ Shiraz 2010

Purchased from Costco, $14.99
Oliverhill Winery Website

Aaron: Huge is the best way to describe this bottle.  The smell was enormous, featuring some spice with red berries.  The flavor was nice but very spicy – think chili peppers.  There was no cream and this was a bit harsh but honestly, in a good way.  There were solid tannins and a full flavor.  Don’t drink this to be refreshed, but as a standalone or pairing with an intense meal, go for it.  90 points

Teri: Paired with a beautiful dark purple color and medium legs, Oliverhill’s Red Silk carries a full robust flavor that is surprisingly smooth. The chunky tannins smooth out to a rich flavor of dark berries, licorice, and some oak. 92 points

Pillar Box Red 2009

Purchased from Costco, prices vary by store
Total Wine & More: $9.99, 750ml
BevMo: $10.99, 750ml

Red Blend: 70% Shiraz, 23% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Merlot

Aaron:  Skip it.  Why? The berry and oak smell (with a hint of mocha at the end) does not compensate for the sharp flavor that was way too harsh.  I suppose this would be ok if you were at a keg party and weren’t into Bud light, but other than that find something else.  85 points

Teri: This red blend carries consistent fruity flavors with organic spice, cherry, and earthy tones. A slight bite at the end, possibly from the medium/strong tannins, but overall a standard drinking red wine blend. 86 points