Van Camp Cabernet Franc 2013


Van Camp Cellars, $21.99

Van Camp Cellars on Amazon

Aaron:  I love cab francs and am excited to try more from Van Camp (our local winery).  The mild vanilla nose featured mostly blueberries while the flavor was a solid mixture of vanilla and cocoa.  There were some berries, mostly red but the balance was appropriate.  89 points

Teri: With a smell of dark berries and rich oak, this Cabernet Franc delivers flavors of ripe blackberry, bing cherries, vanilla, and a hint of smoke. Hearty tannins and a full body of flavor will hold up to hearty meals but still smooth on your palate. 90 points


Westover Cabernet Franc 2012

Westover Cab FrancPurchased from the Westover Tasting Room, around $20

Aaron:  Thankfully not all the Westover bottles have gone bad (we have a lot of Chardonnays which just aren’t good anymore).  This had a great nose with lots of berry and dark fruit.  Flavor is full and slightly sweet but the tannins are a bit sharp.  I like the taste but the bite is a little troubling.  Full and soft on the tongue but the swallow can be spiny if you don’t let it sit and mellow out in your mouth.  93 points

Teri: A dark raspberry color with medium/quick legs on the glass make way to a blackberry pie smell. The dark rich flavors of this wine (chocolate, blackberry, and nutmeg) are smooth and slightly jammy–perfect for those who like those bold but smooth red wines. Dark, rich, and easy to drink…this bottle is a great find all around. 92 points 

Kennedy Shah Cabernet Franc 2008 Reserve Rattlesnake Hills

Kennedy Shah Cab FrancWoodhouse Wine, $45

Aaron: This was a splurge for us and worth it in my opinion.  The very full flavor was mesmerizing and intense flavors flooded the palate.  Earth was the predominant flavor, coupled with almond overtones.  There’s a punch of spice right before the finish, followed by a gentle blend of oak and blueberry.  This was complex and enjoyable.  92 points

Teri: A full bodied wine with earthy flavors of almond, sage, and smoke followed by a smooth finish of dark raspberry. Bold but not overpowering. I found this extremely smooth and complex for a cab franc. 92 points 

MontGras Reserva Cabernet Franc 2011

MontGras Reserva Cabernet Frac 2011Purchased from BevMo, $19.95

MontGras Website

Aaron:  I really liked the full smell of this cab franc (and to be fair I’m a fan of cab franc’s in general).  Tobacco and oak twirled around luscious berries and let to a smooth but full flavor.  The mild tannins were a good compliment to the vanilla and spicy fruits – note, not “spice” but fruitiness.  I love the taste. 93 Points

Teri: I did not expect this wine from Chile! Most bottles I have enjoyed from Chile have a heavier mineral flavor due to the climate, but this bottle was full of blackberry juice flavors blended perfectly with peppery earth and a beautiful full body. It was juicy, fruity, and earthy all at one plus being smoother than most Cab Franc’s. Go out and get this bottle wherever you can find it! 94 points