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Elun Carmenere 2014

Purchased from Splash Wines, $16.95Elun Carmenere 2014

Vivino Profile

Aaron:  The nose of was distinctly milk chocolate and blueberries while the flavor was powerful and front-loaded.  This flavor quickly raced to the back of the mouth before dissipating quickly (too quickly in my opinion).  There was a good amount of smokey tobacco with a dry finish of sandy plant roots, celery, and vegetables.  88 points

Teri: Nothing stands out on the nose of this wine. The flavors are smooth and full with essences of mushroom, tobacco, and cherry fruit. From first sip to long finish, there is a consistent background of black pepper. 88 points 


Santa Alicia Reserva Maipo Valley Carmenere 2010

Santa Alicia Reserva CarmenerePurchased from World Market, price varies by store

Aaron:  I was pretty disappointed with this bottle but it was pretty inexpensive which justified the trial.  The dull, musky smell was sharp (though not peppery).  Mild berry flavors weren’t sweet but ripe and were coupled with a noticeable hickory smoked cedar (yes, imagine smoking cedar branches over hickory chips).  87 points

Teri: Strong smell of oak and dark wild berries but smooth tannins. The 4 years in the bottle has done the wine well. A slightly muddled flavor up front but then a smooth lingering finish of raspberries leading into oak. 88 points

Corinto Carmenere 2012

Wine of the Month Club, $15.99

Aaron:  This had a strong bouquet of black and red berries which I greatly enjoyed, surrounded by sharp metal edges.  The smooth mocha flavor felt like velvet and created a wonderful mouth feel.  The tannins were bold without being chalky and overall I felt this was enjoyable with just the right amount of sweetness.  91 points

Teri: This Carmenere coming from Chili carries the classic flavors you would expect from the climate and growing conditions in South America, more mineral and smoky/earthy flavors.  This wine carries a spicy nose with hints of smoke and is full bodied from start to end, carrying the mineral and oak flavors through its long finish. Only a slight hint of dark berry, this wine has great structure and flavors but my personal palate prefers more fruit. 89 points overall (86 for my personal rating)

Veranda Cabernet – Carmenere 2009

Total Wine & More, $17.99

Aaron:  The label won some points for me – simple and clean but elegant.  Inside the bottle, this Chilean wine boasted cherries and bark on the nose. Boysenberry flavors were supported by mild tannins, developing a full flavor with boisterous raspberries and a mild hint of chocolate. 90 points

Teri: I first tried this bottle at our local Total Wine and fell in love with the unique flavors of the cab-carmenere blend. Don’t be fooled by the woody-oak smell with just a hint of berry. The flavor is uniquely boysenberry with caramel/chocolate and carries incredibly smooth tannins. Overall, a fun bottle that is both memorable and a delight to enjoy. Give to someone or enjoy on your own. 91 points 

Santa Alicia Carmenere Reserva NV

Purchased from Cost Plus World Market. Price~$8.00

Aaron: I was pleasantly surprised by this Chilean wine, though I admit most of the points I awarded are for its uniqueness and the mellow finish.  There was a strong, spicy smell of nutmeg and earthy tones which didn’t impress me and reminded me of slightly bitter roots.  The flavor was smooth and featured more earth than fruit flavors.  It was definitely different and might be too much for some people, but I liked it.  If anything it’s a little heavy on the green, leafy plant tastes.  90 points

Teri: Earthy smells reflect the geography of Chili within this red. There is much more earth than fruit with hints of plum, rhubarb, and spice. Uniquely different from California wines with characteristics closer to french reds. 88 points