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LaGranja 360 Cava Brut

LaGranja 360Trader Joes, $6.99

Aaron:  For $7, not bad.  Musty green apple and toasted pear on the nose, followed by a sharp, metallic flavor with spice.  This transformed into white grapes and sunflowers (what, you’ve only tasted sunflower seeds!?).  89 points

Teri: For a $7 bottle and the ease of picking this one up from your local Trader Joes, this bottle is a win. I smelled light lemon on the nose with nutty flavors, additional lemon, and a hint of red apple on the taste. This Brut is crisp with good flavor and nice mouthfeel. Great value and cheep enough to have a bottle around for any occasion. 89 points 



Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee

Barefoot Bubbly Brut CuveeBarefoot Bubbly Cuvee NVPurchased from a neighborhood supermarket, $8.99/bottle

Barefoot Bubbly Website 

2012 SF Chronicle Bronze Winner 

Aaron:  Not that impressed with this to be honest.  Pretty dry and very crisp with mostly green apple flavors.  I found it more enjoyable than their wines but not amazing.  A hint of almond gave some flavor but not enough and I wish there were more bubbles personally.  86 points

Teri: In the glass, this bubbly is a light yellow color with a decent amount of bubbles. I didn’t get much of a smell, just a hint of lemon and peach, and the short lived taste carries crisp white peach and green grape. Not bad, but not my favorite. A good go-to for Mimosa’s; you want something delicious but is not going to leave you crying that you lost most of the flavor by adding the orange juice. 88 points 

Cook’s California Champagne Brut NV

Cook’s Champagne Website
Total Wine & More, $5.99
Bev Mo, $5.99
Also available at most grocery stores and liquor retailers

Aaron:  I’ll admit, I didn’t have high expectations for this as it is a pretty cheap champagne.  The crisp apple nose with some tart white raspberry blended into a clean flavor that was very smooth and not harsh at all.  There were decent bubbles in this brut but I felt there could have been more and overall there wasn’t a lot going on.  We used it for mimosas after our tasting which I feel is an appropriate usage.  86 points

Teri: Very light nose and just a hint of lemon and melon. Strong taste throughout with mild flavors of honey, lemon, and a hint of pineapple all blended together. Mild bubbles don’t overwhelm the drink. A great fresh champagne that is flexible, from special occasions to mimosas. Fantastic for the price!  88 points 

Korbel Brut NV

Total Wine & More, $8.97
BevMo, $10.99
…can also be found at most alcohol retailers including: Target, WalMart, and even Amazon.

Aaron:  I was overwhelmed with fruit on the smell of this brut (which was surprising).  Berries and apricots frolicked away to reveal a dry flavor which dissipated quickly.  The fruity and slightly sweet taste was pleasant but could last longer.  A unique note (for a champagne) this seemed to warm the throat and stomach like a higher-alcohol content beverage.  91 points

Teri: I was impressed with the complexity and slightly sweet flavors of Korbel’s Brut Champagne. Korbel makes a great bottle containing rich caramel and red apple florals. I loved the flavors of pear, red apple, and apricot within the champagne. It was crisp with a enjoyable finish. I could drink this all evening. 91 points 

Kirkland Champagne Brut NV

Costco Wholesale, $19.99

Aaron:  The smell was mild with a hint of green apple and the flavor was light bodied and dry but featured a smooth finish.  This champagne had a lot of white cranberries, giving it a slight tartness but the swallow was still smooth.  88 points

Teri: Great smell on this champagne–peach and apple. The flavor is not too dry with lots of apple from first taste to last swallow. There is even a hit of cranberry and pear on the finish. A excellent middle of the road champagne 90 points