Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Tawny Porto

Total Wine & More, $46.99

Taylor Fladgate Website

Aaron:  This is AWESOME!  It’s a little pricey for our wine blog (gift from a friend) but definitely worth it.  Super rich, smooth flavors with less raisin and prune flavors than most ports.  More traditional wine flavors with dark berries and a great oakiness.  The finish is gentle but still full.  This is exactly what I want, not syrupy but still flavorful and a brandy flavor without the brandy burn.  94 points

Teri: This bottle is worth the splurge. Most people think of ports’ tasting similar to liquid raisins. After being aged for 20 years, this port is smooth with beautiful flavors of blackberries and mild but not overpowering warmth. It drinks like a wine with smooth complexity and pairs beautifully with desserts and cheeses. Impress your dessert loving friends by bringing this bottle along! 93 points 


Kettmeir Moscato Rosa Alto Adige 2009

Moscato Rosa Alto Adige 2009

Moscato Rosa Alto Adige 2009

Purchased from Kettmeir tasting room in Italy, 16.40 Euro

Aaron:  Rich, deep red fruits swam in warm, melted buttered sugar.  This was thick but not syrupy, making it gentle and rich.  Roses were extensive while juicy fruits frolicked in the background.  91 points

Teri: Sweet honey and strawberry jam smell. A round mouth flavor with a hint of brown sugar and coco on the finish. Flavors of ripe cherry, strawberry jam, and rhubarb pie make this a fantastic dessert course or delightful all on its own. Yumm from start to long finish. 92 points

Florio Fine Marsala Sweet NV

Cost Plus World Market: $5.99 for 375ml

Aaron:  So I’ll caveat this entire post with the acknowledgement that this really should be used more for cooking than drinking.  Overall, I felt this was pretty strong but not in a good way.  The nose featured dried plums and an overwhelming brandy smell.  Strangely the flavor was absent this uniqueness (after smelling it I expected a port-like flavor).  I feel “sweet” is a bit misleading, but it is sweeter than normal wines – I would describe more of a toasted marshmallow lingering in the distance behind prunes and overripe berries.  87 points

Teri: This is our first bottle of Marsala (outside of enjoying chicken or beef Marsala in a restaurant). I was surprised by how the smell is very strong like a port with risen and oak undertones, but the actual taste is lighter, smooth, and closer to a wine. Not too overwhelming, but I probably couldn’t drink more than just a few ounces. The flavors of raisin, blackberry tarts, and a finish of semi sweet oak would pair very well with soft vein (blue) and sweet cheeses. Perhaps I would classify it as a non-classic dessert and cooking wine. A pretty amber color in the glass with fast legs. 87 points

Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro 500ml NV

Purchased from Total Wine & More, $18.99

Torres Website

Aaron:  I was intrigued by the strong smell of brandy fermentation on this wine which was admittedly a bit overpowering.  Peach and bananas (yes bananas!) developed nicely on the palate with a potent sense of alcohol accompanying the flavors.  This was not heavy or syrupy but was certainly full.  89 points

Teri: Beautiful! Just the caramel banana smell with a brandy undertone was enough. Wish I could bottle it and put it in a candle. Full and flavorful of peach, banana and cream…plus be careful…slight bite of alcohol you taste is because its 15%. Enjoy with dessert, as dessert, or for any great occasion. 91 points