Las Rocas de San Alejandro Granacha 2011

Las Rocas Garnacha San Alejandro Website, $11.99

Aaron: A ruby, rose nose introduces this bottle, followed by a smooth, velvety flavor of mocha and walnuts.  Fruity strawberry and lots of vanilla make this easy to drink but full enough to prevent gulping.  The slightest bit of bite on the end also prevents you from drinking too quickly, making this an all-around enjoyable wine.  90 points

Teri: After about 4 years in the bottle, this Granacha was smooth and quite easy to drink with abundant flavors of spice and fruit. I loved the spicy blueberry pie flavor with pepper and a hint of coco. I would save this bottle for an evening with friends or to enjoy with a hearty meal. Smooth, good tannins, and partners with good times. 90 points 



Rincon Del Tajo 2011 – Old Vine Garnacha

Rincon del Tajo 2011Lot 18, $18

Aaron:  This had a good, full flavor of cocoa and only a touch of oak but wasn’t as “warm” as I’d like.  This felt a bit metallic to me, despite its floral nose.  There were some dark berries and cinnamon on the smell which were pleasing but I didn’t get enough of them in the flavor.  89 points

Teri: This was my first old vine garnacha and I didn’t know what to expect. Similar to an old vine zinfandel, the flavors were smoother and full but a bit muted. The berry, slightly jammy, nose makes way to smooth tannins and leafy characteristics in the flavors (green bean, black cherry, and unsweetened coco). A long finish and the smooth flavor makes it easy to drink. Not as much jammy flavors on the taste but it carries the smoothness of the old vine grape. 88 points 


Alto-Cinco Garnacha 2011

Alto Cinco 2011 Garnacha

BevMo, $12.99

Aaron:  An oaky nose with subdued spice introduced this interesting bottle.  I was overwhelmed with blueberry flavor which was extremely smooth.  An overall pleasant bottle with lots of sweet notes, particularly honey, this does provide a quick punch in the back of your throat to make you drink it slowly – good thing too because it’s good enough to make you want to gulp.  90 points

Teri: Pouring into the glass you will notice a beautiful dark ruby color on this Spanish grenache. I taste flavors of young plum, with strong earthy undertones and vanilla on the finish. The wine is medium bodied with just a hint of spice and vanilla on the very long finish. 88 points

Castillo de Monseran Garnacha 2009

Total Wine & More, $8.99
BevMo (2007 Vintage), $13.99

Aaron: Roasted green veggies is the best way I can describe the nose of this wine.  The flavor was rich and juicy with lots of fruit and a slight hint of peppery spice on the finish (but not too much).  Overall this wasn’t bad.  89 points

Teri: If you like Spanish wines, pick up one of these bottles.  I loved the spicy smell with just a hint of chocolate. This wine bursts with a multitude of chocolate covered cherries which slowly blends to a slow long spicy finish. This Garnacha would pair well with full meals or given as a gift for wine lovers who like spicy flavor profiles. 90 points