Prosser Vineyard Syrah 2012


Prosser Vineyard, $30

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Aaron: This has a big, juicy nose with rich fruits.  The fruit forward flavor is similar, with jam and moss.  There is no bite on this wine at all, just some dark, tan bark that tastes dried – probably the tannins kicking in.  Good flavorful wine.  90 points

Teri: I think this bottle needs some time to open up. Give it 2-3 hours before drinking. A full bodied Syrah filled with flavors of earthy vanilla and plum with a smokey lingering aftertaste. Not my favorite at first, but it got better with some time. 86 points 

Waving Tree Nebbiolo 2007


Waving Tree Website, $30

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Aaron:  This wasn’t a winner for me.  The nose was potent with brandy and paint thinner, generally off-putting and too much chemical.  The aggressive alcohol flavor dominated the raspberry and strawberry and the aftertaste was industrial and chemical, similar to the smell.  To be fair, this bottle had outlived itself (drank 10 years after bottling), but you would expect good wine to age better.  85 points

Teri: This wine has more of a ‘port’ style smell (plum/raisin). Masculine flavors of leather, oak, plum, and minerals; Bold and full. It has aged well in the bottle but I wouldn’t let it age farther than it has already (about 10 years). 88 points 

Apex Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Block 35 2013


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Aaron:  This bottle was great!  If you get a chance to visit the winery in eastern Washington….you should.  The nose is solid with a traditional balance of fruit, wood, and vanilla.  There are good, bold flavors and the PERFECT balance of tannins.  These combine for a great body that is fruity but not too juicy.  Granite rocks in the background add complexity while the predominant blackberry flavor makes this a winner.  92 points

Teri: Rich berry nose of raspberry and cassis. Round full mouthfeel on the wine itself with rich but very smooth tannins; aging has done this bottle well. Predominate flavors of ripe raspberry and plum balanced out with some minerality and mossy oak. This is a hearty wine. Serve it with hearty red meats and rich sauces. 90 points

Apex Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Block 35 2011

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Aaron:  This is a good bottle featuring chocolate, bark, and blackberries.  There was some tar covering red fruits on the palate with a bit of licorice.  Dark brown, water-soaked tree trunks finish off the taste making for a well-rounded bottle.  90 points

Teri: I enjoy trying single block (meaning the grapes are all grown within the same square “block” of the vineyard) wines because they always carry unique characteristics from their specific growing area. This cab is extremely full but easy to drink with a nose of pomegranate, cocoa, and sweet oak. Six years in the bottle had delightfully rounded out the tannins allowing for maximum flavor with no bitter pucker. I tasted bell pepper, white pepper, and noticeable oak. A solid wine. 91 points