Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro 500ml NV

Purchased from Total Wine & More, $18.99

Torres Website

Aaron:  I was intrigued by the strong smell of brandy fermentation on this wine which was admittedly a bit overpowering.  Peach and bananas (yes bananas!) developed nicely on the palate with a potent sense of alcohol accompanying the flavors.  This was not heavy or syrupy but was certainly full.  89 points

Teri: Beautiful! Just the caramel banana smell with a brandy undertone was enough. Wish I could bottle it and put it in a candle. Full and flavorful of peach, banana and cream…plus be careful…slight bite of alcohol you taste is because its 15%. Enjoy with dessert, as dessert, or for any great occasion. 91 points


Trader Joes Late Harvest Moscato 2009

Trader Joes, $4.99

Aaron:  This bottle earned points for not being too syrupy (and for the affordable price).  The apricot nose and flavor had an appropriate amount of residual sugar without being too sweet, making this a great bottle to serve chilled on a warm day!  90 points

Teri: This wine is amazing to use with dessert or as a stand alone for desert, possibly a great way to sweeten up those bad days. The late harvest Moscato contains a sweet smell of lemon and honey that carries into the taste. I also found the flavors of melon, honey, and a hint of lemon-vanilla in this wine to be spectacular. Pour over a sorbet for a great addition or pair with fruit and cheeses. 92 points

Sextant Late Harvest Zinfandel 2010

Purchased from the Sextant Winery in San Louis Obispo, CA (around 24 dollars)

Aaron:  This is a great wine for Teri and me because it pairs my preference for full zin-bodied wines with her craving for sweetness.  That said, this featured more thick, creamy flavors than sugars (though white and brown sugar were certainly prominent).  The full jammy smell matched the flavor which was overwhelmed with prunes.  91 points

Teri: This late harvest will please those with the sweet tooth and those who crave the full bodied reds. As a zinfandel, it contains an abundance of warm dark fruits (plum and blackberry preserves) balanced with hints of brown sugar. Great for after dinner alone or to complement a dessert. 92 points

Hogue Late Harvest Riesling 2009

Cost Plus World Market, $11.99
Total Wine & More, $5.99
BevMo, $9.99

Aaron: This Washington Late Harvest featured a ton of peach on the nose and was much more full than expected.  It was certainly sweet and not very acidic with rich, ripe fruits of white raspberry and apricot scurrying over the palate.  Though I expected apple (given the region) I didn’t taste any, just a ton of sweetness.  90 points

Teri: Don’t judge this one by it’s smell. Its aroma is full of musty oak but the taste is opposite. Full of honey, peach, and red apple this late harvest is sweet but not overly viscus, leaving fast legs on the glass. A great wine to sip and enjoy slowly. 90 points