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Butcher’s Hook 2015 Mendoza Malbec 2015

Lot 18, $18

Info on Vivino

Aaron: Skip this wine.  Red tar and raspberry with cherry cough syrup made the nose a bit off-putting.  Tart and bitter, the flavor featured awkward tannins on the middle of the tongue, resulting in a puckering of underripe fruit and watermelon rinds. Weak flavor then a punch of spicy pepper.  Horrible.  83 points

Teri: This bottle is bold with hearty tannins and needs a strong meaty dish to stand up to the flavors. It is on the earthy side with a bit too much bite on the end. The flavors of white pepper, leafy tree roots and underlining tone of chocolate covered cherries were tight and not completely enjoyable. Perhaps it needed a few hours to aerate but I would recommend just to skip this bottle. 85 points 


Layer Cake Malbec 2013

layer-cake-malbec-2013Layer Cake Website

BevMo, $12.99

Total Wine & More, $10.99

Aaron:  Not really my favorite, but functional.  The smell of berries, chocolate, and smokey bark led to a strange spice with lots of plum on the tongue.  Peppers and chili layered the palate with lavender in the background.  88 points

Teri: A jammy chocolate and oaky cherry nose. Flavors of warm cherry, sweet oak, and candy red grape (but not sweet). A complex and flavorful Malbec from a widely distributed label. This is not the best Malbec I have ever tried, but it brings decent quality which is easier to find widely. 89 points 


Accoutre Malbec 2013

Accoutre MalbecWine of the Month Club, $19.99

Amazon.com, price unavailable 

Aaron:  This was great.  A gentle mulberry and chocolate nose with a really creamy, easy-to-drink flavor.  This wine was full but not heavy, featuring good cherry and light bark flavors with no bite.  I loved it and felt it was amazing though admittedly, it’s not really “complex”.  93 points

Teri: This was the first time trying a French Malbec; normally we see this grape coming from South and North America. The wine carried a rich smell of coco and rhubarb but was distinctly lighter in body. Although it’s flavors of cranberry, cinnamon spice and raisin where not as hearty or full as other Malbec’s I have tried, the wine still had good flavor and a nice clean finish. I only wish the flavors would have lasted longer on the palate. 87 points 


Luca Malbec 2012

Luca MalbecCostco find (and Anniversary Gift…thanks Mom and Dad!)

Aaron: The smell was a bit muddy at first with lots of dirt.  The flavor features berry and a calm mellowness overall.  Definitely spice and a nice rich berry on the finish.  Mild tannins are not overpowering as mulberry and oak dominate the palate.  88 points

Teri: With a spicy mild nose, and mild spice throughout with flavors of tobacco, coco, and blackberry, this Malbec is smooth and full. The medium/full tannins and body are able to stand up to hearty meals of steak or strong spicy flavors. 88 points

Restivo Malbec Reserve 2011

Restivo Malbec Reserve 2011BevMo, $13.99

Aaron:  This malbec had a soft, fruity smell with some green apple (strange I know) and a distinct note that reminded me of laffy taffy candies.  The flavor was mellow and easy drinking but still full.  While mild, a slight tartness at the end rounded out what was actually a relatively sweet flavor for a malbec.  90 points.

Teri: This wine was a beautiful dark red color with a nose of oaky raspberry. Bold flavors continue after the swallow of spice and juicy cherry with firm structures oak. Overall a great well rounded bottle for those who love bold reds. 90 points This bottle would also stand up to heavy bold meals..so cook and drink away!