Florio Fine Marsala Sweet NV

Cost Plus World Market: $5.99 for 375ml

Aaron:  So I’ll caveat this entire post with the acknowledgement that this really should be used more for cooking than drinking.  Overall, I felt this was pretty strong but not in a good way.  The nose featured dried plums and an overwhelming brandy smell.  Strangely the flavor was absent this uniqueness (after smelling it I expected a port-like flavor).  I feel “sweet” is a bit misleading, but it is sweeter than normal wines – I would describe more of a toasted marshmallow lingering in the distance behind prunes and overripe berries.  87 points

Teri: This is our first bottle of Marsala (outside of enjoying chicken or beef Marsala in a restaurant). I was surprised by how the smell is very strong like a port with risen and oak undertones, but the actual taste is lighter, smooth, and closer to a wine. Not too overwhelming, but I probably couldn’t drink more than just a few ounces. The flavors of raisin, blackberry tarts, and a finish of semi sweet oak would pair very well with soft vein (blue) and sweet cheeses. Perhaps I would classify it as a non-classic dessert and cooking wine. A pretty amber color in the glass with fast legs. 87 points