Kettmeir Moscato Giallo Goldmuskateller 2012

Kettmeir Moscato Giallo GoldmuskatellerPurchased from the Kettmeir Winery in Italy, 7.5 Euro

Aaron: Sweet peach pie glazed with honey coats the nostrils and the taste of ripe nectarines floods the palate.  This smooth and gently-finishing wine has an agave flavor in the mouth with a nice viscosity.  This is great for sweet lovers and nice for those who don’t want to drink sugar (like me).  91 points.

Teri: Beautiful tiny little bubbles and a light apricot smell. The bottle is sweet but mild and not viscus. Crisp and clean flavor with a medium finish of apricot and honey. This would go great with dessert or as a pool/deck wine. Not much too it, but a simple moscato enjoyable anytime for many wine drinkers. 92 points


Kettmeir Moscato Rosa Alto Adige 2009

Moscato Rosa Alto Adige 2009

Moscato Rosa Alto Adige 2009

Purchased from Kettmeir tasting room in Italy, 16.40 Euro

Aaron:  Rich, deep red fruits swam in warm, melted buttered sugar.  This was thick but not syrupy, making it gentle and rich.  Roses were extensive while juicy fruits frolicked in the background.  91 points

Teri: Sweet honey and strawberry jam smell. A round mouth flavor with a hint of brown sugar and coco on the finish. Flavors of ripe cherry, strawberry jam, and rhubarb pie make this a fantastic dessert course or delightful all on its own. Yumm from start to long finish. 92 points

Kaltern Moscato Giallo Goldmuskateller (Moscato) 2011

Purchased from the Kaltern tasting room in Sudtirol Italy, 7.5 Euro

Aaron:  Teri likes this much more than me, but that’s to be expected.  The nose features light, fresh peaches while pear and a noticeable alcohol make up the flavor.  I noticed some titanium (yes I can definitely taste the difference between certain types of metals) and butterscotch.  88 points

Teri: Don’t let the unexpected oaky nose turn thoughts away from this bottle. Viscous in consistency with a sweet taste of honey and faint apricot play on my taste buds which make me love this wine! A full taste overall with a lingering honey flavor stands up to food, but also is delirious just by itself. The Kaltern winery recommends pairing this with beignets, strudel and cake. I just need to figure out where we can find this wine in the states. 92 points

Mamamango NV

Costco, $8.99

Aaron:  Not much to say here; it smells and tastes like mango and pineapple with lots of sweet, bubbly flavor.  Is this a connoisseur’s first choice? of course not, but it’s yummy and would be great for a little celebratory party drink.  80 points for quality, 89 for flavor and fun.

Teri: A light clear yellow color and overall sweet mango flavor makes this a great spin on the mimosa and great for breakfast brunch or time with your girlfriends.  Not overwhelming in taste and flavor but you get a good amount of taste in small sips which will make the drink last over time. As a woman, sometimes I want something light and tasty…and this is it! 91 points