The Naked Grape Moscato NV

Safeway, $9.99
Total Wine & More, $6.99
Available at most liquor retailers and grocery stores 

The Naked Grape Website

Aaron: A fairly light nose featured a spark of spice but not much else.  Pleasant peach flavors weren’t too sweet but led to a mild, simple syrup flavor on the finish.  88 points

Teri:  I found the light body of this moscato paired with its mild sweetness very pleasant. A light pear smell with flavors of orange blossoms and peach on the body make this an easy to drink refreshing wine. Not much of a lingering flavor which may leaving you wanting for a little more (not quite a bad thing). 88 points

Trader Joes Late Harvest Moscato 2009

Trader Joes, $4.99

Aaron:  This bottle earned points for not being too syrupy (and for the affordable price).  The apricot nose and flavor had an appropriate amount of residual sugar without being too sweet, making this a great bottle to serve chilled on a warm day!  90 points

Teri: This wine is amazing to use with dessert or as a stand alone for desert, possibly a great way to sweeten up those bad days. The late harvest Moscato contains a sweet smell of lemon and honey that carries into the taste. I also found the flavors of melon, honey, and a hint of lemon-vanilla in this wine to be spectacular. Pour over a sorbet for a great addition or pair with fruit and cheeses. 92 points

Jam Jar Moscato 2011

Cost Plus World Market, $8.99
Total Wine & More, $7.99

Aaron: Super chilled on a hot day – perfect!  The bright smell of this Moscato mirrored strawberries with some peach and mango and (as expected) was pretty sweet.  The flavor was very thick and syrupy with a slight tingle on the tongue.  This was followed by an overpowering peach taste which was intense but fortunately not horribly sweet, making this relatively pleasant.  This is a great buy for the hot summer months.  89 points

Teri: This light bodied wine was delicious! Orange and citrus nodes fill the mouth with light tastes of apricot and honey. Great for a stand alone or with a meal. Those with a sweet tooth will really love the sweeter nodes this Moscato brings. 90 points