Poema White Wine Macabeu – Muscat 2013

Poema White WinePoema Website, a brand of Kobrand

Wine of the Month Club, November 2014, $19

Aaron:  This wasn’t really my favorite; pretty light and a bit too watery.  The nose was nothing to write home about and this certainly isn’t sweet compared to what I was expecting.  Most flavors were simply grassy with a little bit of tart fruits on the palate.  What turned me off the most was how quickly the flavor dissipated.  85 points

Teri: From the nose of this wine, I thought the taste would be sweeter: stone fruits and hibiscus. The taste is lengthy but dry overall. I taste lemongrass and red apple in the flavor with nice acidity to balance the wine overall. It is refreshing and tasty but not too complex. 88 points 


Westover Orange Muscat Reserve NV

Westover Orange Muscat
Purchased from the Westover Tasting Room, around $10

Aaron:  I liked this; sweet honey on the smell and thick but not syrup.  I didn’t get a lot of orange flavor as expected, more of a molasses honey-butter.  This was pretty good for a sweet wine.  89 points

Teri: We were so sad to see this delightful small family winery close. They made delicious ports and this great orange muscat. Perfect for those who love sweet dessert wines. It’s prominent orange nose and smooth sweet flavor is refreshing and greatly satisfies those with a hefty sweet tooth. The almond/orange flavor is good for those who like sweet, easy drinking wines. 87 for complexity, 90 points for drinkability