Au Haro Sauvignon Blanc 2016



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Aaron: White stone fruits make for a crisp and clean nose, while the flavor is light and a bit tangy.  Lots of lemon zest and citrus flavors – not as sweet as the nose implied.  Some olive branches in the background with mushrooms but really mostly lemon.  88 points

Teri: Abundant peach with a little apricot on the nose. Flavors of papaya and nectarine with just a little citrus on the finish. Good flavors overall, my only critique is that is tastes slightly watered down. Overall solid white wine. 89 points 


Pumphouse White Table Wine 2013

Pumphouse White WineReview by Pumphouse White Wine

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Aaron: This was a little awkward to me; the nose was bland and light with some almond and generally nutty smells.  The flavor was very bright and tart with lots of lemon and grapefruit.  I think this would be fine if you want something to leave a tartness on your tongue but I probably wouldn’t like it normally.  That said, we had it with some Thai food and it went pretty well so I give it 89 points

Teri: This white wine feels quite acidic but still has crisp light flavor and a medium finish. Sweet peach and cantaloupe on the smell blends to flavors of citrus (mostly grapefruit and lemon) and tropical fruits (pineapple and papaya). I’ve never had a wine from New York, but I feel this one is pretty good. 88 points