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Karma Lion NV Vinho Espumante

Lot 18, $18.49

Aaron: This isn’t super complex, but it tastes pretty good.  Honey and melon on the nose, followed by a sweet, syrupy flavor.  There is more honey, plus brown sugar on the palate with some peach, making this super easy drinking.  90 points

Teri: Sweet peach and red apple with an almost ‘sticky’ mouth feel. This sparkling wine is good but on the sweeter side. Not too complex. Fruity. 89 points. 


OR par Edmond Thery

Info on Wine Searcher

Aaron: Crisp apple and seawater nose.  Lots of fruity pears and red apple.  Not super harsh and doesn’t remind me of a traditional brut.  Pretty tasty and full.  90 points

Teri: Light smell with flavors of pear and peach on the wine. Balanced bubbled and flavor. I enjoy the crispness of the sparkling wine plus the beautiful flavor. This bottle is not only beautiful but also delicious. Great gift or bring to a festive party!  90 points

Pop Dust Prosecco

Lot 18, $16

Aaron: This is pretty good.  Light, green apple on the nose.  Mild flavor with lots of apricot and pear as well as some saltine crackers.  89 points

Teri: Light nose, but beautiful and sturdy flavors of apple, lemon, walnut and a hint of vanilla. Almost too many bubbles, but that was ok with me. The flavor lingers after you swallow and leaves you wanting more. 91 points

Rocambolesco Red Wine 2015

RocambolescoLot 18/The Tasting Room, $16/bottle

Aaron: The name is cool, the wine is ok.  Tar, oak, and raspberry made for a sweet but tart nose.  This was pretty tight and never really opened up to me, giving the sense of a tingly strawberry.  While easy drinking and fruity this was not very complex.  Nice for an intro wine but look for something else if you want to impress someone.  88 points

Teri: This bottle is nice to enjoy with cheeses and meaty dishes. It carries a medium body with a smooth finish. The flavors of red berry, leafy mulberry, cranberry and spice on the finish are enjoyable and pair well with food. 88 points 

Treveri Blanc de Noir Brut


Purchased from Treveri Tasting Room, $20
You can also find Treveri bottles at Trader Joes and other select wine retailers)

Aaron:  This wasn’t my favorite but I might just have elevated standards for Treveri. The nose reminded me of burnt strawberry which wasn’t very appealing.  There were also red floral notes which isn’t my favorite.  The flavor was somewhat bitter which might just be my palate not adjusting to using a red instead of a white grape.  There was lots of sparkle and this mellowed out on the second sip but this is not my favorite.  88 pointsimg_0460

Teri: Crisp flavors of cranberry, green apple, and strawberry with medium effervescence make this sparkling drink closer to a red. The flavors of the pinot noir grape shine through wrapped in the light airy feel of a brut sparkling wine. Visually, I also love the slight rose color of the wine and feel this bottle would be great to pair with chicken, turkey, or other white meats.  90 points