The Rogue Wave Pinot Blanc 2014

img_0290Lot 18, $14.99/bottle

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Aaron: This white featured a mellow, soft nose which was hard to make out.  Mostly lemon and vanilla on the flavor with a hint of macadamia nuts.  This was bit too tart for my liking but had a fuller flavor than most whites which I enjoyed.  88 points

Teri: I first noticed the extremely slow legs on this wine, indicating a good body for a white wine. Flavors of peach and toasted almonds mirror its smell of creamy honeydew and peach. An underlying flavor of oak and mineral was present throughout and lingered on the finish. This bottle would pair nicely with white sauces and buttery fish. 90 points 


Scrimshaw Pinot Blanc 2014

Skrimshaw Pinot Blanc Monterey CountyPurchased from Lot 18, $13.99/bottle 

Aaron:  This was a great bottle – my favorite of the Scrimshaw’s we’ve tried.  The full, tropical nose was complemented by buttery oak and yielded a creamy flavor.  This was rich and not at all bitter, what I would expect from a full-bodied white.  I was quite impressed and felt this was very enjoyable due to the velvety, violet flowers on the end.  91 points

Teri: With a lemon nose and a good flavor profile, this Pinot Blanc is easy to drink with a refreshing tartness to it. Flavors of lemon, peach, and pineapple make for a great summer wine. 87 points