Grafter Pinot Grigio 2014

Grafter Pinot GrigioPurchased from Lot 18, $14.99/bottle 

Vivino Profile 

Aaron:  While not as blatant as Teri’s assessment, I have to agree this was a good bottle.  There was tons of tropical mango and pineapple with nectarine on the nose along with white sand and mushrooms.  This was really full for a pinot but the flavor evaporated quickly.  A very easy drinking white, I noticed wheat undertones and a bit of airiness.  I think this is a perfect bottle to keep handy as it will please most palates.  91 points

Teri: YUMM! Full mouth flavors of creamy lemon custard with orange and other citrus flavors! This wine carries an abundance of body for a white wine and is delectable with its beautiful long finish and smooth acidity. This wine would be great with salads, creamy dishes, fish, or just on its own. 92 points 



Ganzo Pinot Grigio 2012

Ganzo Pinot Grigio 2012Wine of the Month Club, $15.98

Aaron:  This smells like butter but tastes like bitter leaves.  What little fruit there was reminded me of those fruits you buy even though they’re out of season just because you love them.  They’re never as good and always a little tangy but you tolerate it.  That’s kind of how I approach this post; the body is full for the varietal but the flavor wasn’t my favorite – I’m surprised Teri rated it so high.  84 points

Teri: I felt this wine was better by itself and not paired with any food. This Italian Pinot Grigio had strong flavors of lavender and honeysuckle on the nose and taste. It is light, crisp, and carries hardly any oak. 88 points

Viamora Pinot Grigio 2012

Part of the Wine of the Month Club

Aaron:  I noticed a dull honeydew smell on this light wine with honey-like sweetness in the mouth.  There was a sharp but not biting aftertaste, making this crisp and green apples hanging from birch trees made for a clean finish.  This isn’t bad for a white.  90 points

Teri: This Pinot Grigio has a fruit forward smell with lemon and cantaloupe. I was surprised by the thick legs and a buttery short finish with mild tannins. Overall, flavors of lemon, apricot, melon, and just a hint of oak on the swallow. Very full and pleasant alone or with a meal. Would be great to enjoy with a salad or seafood. 92 points

Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio 2011

Received from Wine of the Month Club, $11.99 Retail

Sycamore Lane Label from Trinchero Vinyards – Website

Aaron:  I was very impressed with this Wine of the Month feature – Thanks again to our good friend, Brian who got us the membership!  The sweet green apple and blueberry smell was pleasant while the dry flavor adapted nicely on the palate. Nice and light, this wine paired well with a modest dish and the initial tartness blended into a sweetness, creating a broad range of pairing options.  The aftertaste featured peach and pear making for a very nice bottle.  91 points

Teri: I was delighted with this bottle. A heavy, fruity nose of apple, pear, pineapple, and orange first brought a smile to my face. The taste is light with a small finish, but chrisp with a semi-sweet flavor. Very refreshing and would make a great complement to spicy foods. 90 points