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Harry and David Pinot Gris


This bottle came with a beautiful fruit arrangement from Harry & David given to us by my friend Sandy.

Vivino Website Info, Avg. Price $14.95

Aaron: Soft white cherry blossoms and some honeysuckle on the nose of this Pinot Gris.  The flavor was pear, with sweet white grape juice.  This is easy to drink but a little syrupy and thick.  I expected a lighter body.  89 points.

Teri: Peach and pear on the nose with a semi sweet finish. This bottle reminded me of Riesling. I tasted green apple, oak, and Rainer cherry with a long finish and a hint of mineral at the end. Very easy to drink and hearty for a white wine. 89 points and will be favorites of those who like their wine in the sweeter spectrum.


Willow Crest Pinot Gris 2015


Purchased from the Willow Crest Tasting Room, $15

This wine featured on Wine Enthusiast 

Total Wine & More, $12.29

Aaron: This is really fruity.  Pineapple, white raspberries, just generally pleasant nose.  The flavor is a little sweeter with honeysuckle and some orange-lemon citrus.  The flavor is crisp and clean but with a very acidic, alcohol flavor on the finish.  90 points

Teri: Fruity nose, good body, and ample stone fruits on the body of the wine. I tasted papaya, lemon, pineapple and a hint of sweet banana. Refreshing and full bodied with nice acidity on the finish. 91 points Perfect to pair with a hot day outside!

Mythmaker Pinot Gris 2014

Mythmaker Pinot GrisLot 18, $14.99

Vivino Profile

Aaron: Green apple and sweet onion made for a “blunt” nose but the flavor was pretty sweet.  I tasted a lot of apple and pear with some mild, white plum.  While a bit tart at the end, this was pretty light and crisp, making it nice for a sunny afternoon.  89 points

Teri: This Pinot Gris is bright and easy to drink. With a peach nose and light fruity flavors of apricot and lemon, this wine carries a bright acidity to balance with food or enjoy on its own. I see this as a great summer drinking wine. 88 points 


Antawara Pinot Gris 2013

Antawara Pinot GrisWine of the Month Club (Dec 2014), $7.99

Aaron:  This smelled like cherry and white peaches with a hint of raspberry.  It felt big for the varietal and featured pronounced apple and pear flavors.  Not tart but also not sweet, almost like pavement, but overall pretty good.  89  points

Teri: This is a unique and fun wine from Chile. Overall dry, but carries some strong full flavors! Rich in Mandarin, peach, and a hint of clove, this bottle has a long full finish and feels full in your mouth. Refreshing, yet flavorful, I greatly enjoy this bottle. It is great to enjoy by itself and would also go well with seafood, salads with citrus dressing, and rich cheeses. 91 points