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La Foret 2015

Purchased from Lot 18

Aaron:  Pleasantly mild, light nose of strawberry and bubble gum.  The flavor is not overpowering but has some lingering tannins to remind you it’s a red.  These started as a little too chalky but then dissipated.  There’s definitely cherry and some light tan, eucalyptus bark.  Pretty easy drinking and enjoyable.  91 points

Teri: This bottle needed some time to breath but was flavorful and easy to drink. I first noticed a smell of cinnamon and baking spices on the nose of the wine. This was then followed by more baking spice, smooth oak and faint plum on the wine itself. This bottle pairs well with food (poultry and fish) and it’s smooth lighter tannins make it easy for many different wine lovers. 89 points 


3 Girls Pinot Noir

img_0586Wine.com, $14.99

Total Wine & More, $9.79

World Market, $12.99

Aaron: I’d like to meet the three girls and thank them for inspiring a great Pinot!  The nose was a flood of berries while the flavor boasted a perfectly toasted bark.  This reminded me of a nice campfire but the smokiness was complimentary instead of overwhelming.  A layer of sweet, black fruits made this very appealing and hints of vanilla and raspberry on the finish made it simply excellent.  92 points

Teri: This is another great staple from the Oak Ridge family of wines. Cinnamon, clove, and spice in the smell….mmmmm…. I tasted flavors of red apple, cocoa, raspberry and plum on the finish. Medium body with noticeable tannins. This bottle is on the heartier side of a pinot (for those who are regular pinot drinkers) and for the price is a terrific deal. 90 points 

Trilus Pinot Noir 2014

Trilus Pinot Noir 2014Lot 18/The Tasting Room, $21.99

Info on Snooth.com

Aaron: This features fresh tobacco leaves on the note, not dried like normal, along with some mulberry.  The strawberry flavors lend themselves to a medium body with minimal bite.  This was easy drinking and a good find.  90 points

Teri: Flavors of raspberry and mulling spices parallel a hint of tobacco and leafy greens on this medium body pinot. The tannins are smooth and the fruity flavors win out over the earthy undertones. I would pair this wine with creamy cheeses for an appetizer. 90 points


Skrimshaw Pinot Noir 2014

Skrimshaw Pinot NoirPurchased from Lot 18, $17.50/bottle

Aaron:  We’ve been sent a lot of bottles from Skrimshaw, this one wasn’t my favorite.  I got pine and mushroom with tulips on the nose.  The flavor was mostly red berries and maple tree sap with green leaves and oak.  88 points

Teri: A ‘bright’ smell leads to flavors of grassy blueberry and strawberry within the glass. This pinot also has a unique smokey flavor underlining the fruit and a slight hint of herbs on the finish. Extremely easy to drink, yet still complex. 90 points 

Archboard Pinot Noir 2014

Lot 18, $16.50/bottleArchboard Pinot Noir 2014

Aaron:  This grew on me though I wasn’t impressed at first.  The berry, smokey nose of charred wood led to a full flavor but I wouldn’t say the wine was “luscious”.  There was noticeable bark and pepper with strawberries and lots of tart raspberries.   88 points

Teri: I am a lover of Pinot Noir, but this one wasn’t my favorite. The nose surprised me as it had almost a “fizzle” type smell. Flavors of tart strawberry, currant, and mossy bark was strong in the flavor. The woody flavors continued on into the medium light finish on the wine. If you prefer your pinots with woody flavors, this would be your bottle. If you like your fruit in your pinots, then I would say skip this one. 88 points