Champignon Pinot Noir 2015

IMG_2921Lot 18/The Tasting Room, $20/bottle

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Aaron: This bright red color of this wine was mirrored on the nose. Tons of cherry clouded the nostrils but the body was light (though not watery).  There were fruit flavors with some leathery vanilla and a bit of earthiness which grew on me after a while.  This was pleasant.  90 points

Teri: This pinot has a medium body with a long finish and smooth tannins. Flavors blend together hints of earthy bell pepper, tart cherry, and soft white pepper; a pleasant mix of earthy and fruity flavors for a complex but easy to drink red. 89 points 


La Foret 2016

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Lot 18, $15/Bottle 

Aaron:  This bottle is worth skipping.  The olive and cherry nose also had some roses but wasn’t anything worth writing home about.  The flavor was too tannic and bitter with a marble aftertaste.  Currants and thorny vines flowed through the light body that tasted watered down.  Too tart and not full enough.  85 points

Teri: Dark berry and mushroom nose with a bit of orange spice. On the wine, I taste bing cherry and white tea with a mossy finish. This is easily drinkable with good flavor which is balanced between earth minerals and fruit. 88 points 

Lustra Pinot Noir 2016

IMG_1808.jpgLot 18/The Tasting Room

Vivino Profile

Aaron:  Blueberries and mulberries were prominent on the nose, followed by velvety cocoa and vanilla.  The flavor reminded me of chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate to be specific.  90 points

Teri: Strawberry and mushroom on the nose opens up to bold flavors of strawberry balanced with mossy herbs and white pepper. Just a subtle hint of oak. This Pinot is bold yet balanced. 90 points, for those who like herby/mushroom Pinot Noir.

Ranch 32 Pinot Noir 2014


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BevMo, $27.98

Aaron: A very bright, fruity nose with rose petals, plums, and berries welcomes you with this pinot.  The sage and bread yeast flavor was interesting but this was very drinkable.  A few bitter stems of roses on the finish made this almost bell-peppery.  90 points

Teri: Bright ruby color with a smell of rose petals. The pinot has flavors of cherry and vanilla with some plum and sweet spice on the finish. Very smooth but still bursting with flavor. Lingering finish of plum and cherry. Delicious and balanced. 91 points