Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Tawny Porto

Total Wine & More, $46.99

Taylor Fladgate Website

Aaron:  This is AWESOME!  It’s a little pricey for our wine blog (gift from a friend) but definitely worth it.  Super rich, smooth flavors with less raisin and prune flavors than most ports.  More traditional wine flavors with dark berries and a great oakiness.  The finish is gentle but still full.  This is exactly what I want, not syrupy but still flavorful and a brandy flavor without the brandy burn.  94 points

Teri: This bottle is worth the splurge. Most people think of ports’ tasting similar to liquid raisins. After being aged for 20 years, this port is smooth with beautiful flavors of blackberries and mild but not overpowering warmth. It drinks like a wine with smooth complexity and pairs beautifully with desserts and cheeses. Impress your dessert loving friends by bringing this bottle along! 93 points 


Daniel Gehrs Fireside Port 2007

Purchased from the Daniel Gehrs tasting room in Los Olivos, CA.

Aaron:  Teri loved it, I didn’t – to be fair she likes port more than I do so if you’re into them also be sure to read her thoughts.  I felt this had a light smell for a port featuring more prunes than raisins.  The taste was completely flipped with tons of raisins and a hint of cocoa in the background.  I felt it was a little sharp but this might be due to a colder-than-perfect serving temperature.  84 points

Teri: This was one of the first ports I fell in love with. It carries strong raisin flavors that pair well with the fortified nature of the port. With a smooth warm finish and a hint of coco, this port is a beautiful dark color and is perfect when warmed in your hand through a port sipper. 90 points