Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Tawny Porto

Total Wine & More, $46.99

Taylor Fladgate Website

Aaron:  This is AWESOME!  It’s a little pricey for our wine blog (gift from a friend) but definitely worth it.  Super rich, smooth flavors with less raisin and prune flavors than most ports.  More traditional wine flavors with dark berries and a great oakiness.  The finish is gentle but still full.  This is exactly what I want, not syrupy but still flavorful and a brandy flavor without the brandy burn.  94 points

Teri: This bottle is worth the splurge. Most people think of ports’ tasting similar to liquid raisins. After being aged for 20 years, this port is smooth with beautiful flavors of blackberries and mild but not overpowering warmth. It drinks like a wine with smooth complexity and pairs beautifully with desserts and cheeses. Impress your dessert loving friends by bringing this bottle along! 93 points 


Mare Viva Vinho Regional Alentejano White Wine

Mare Viva Adega De RedondoSplash Wine, $17/bottle

Aaron: I felt this was a pretty decent white and was excited to try something from Portugal.  Raspberry, strawberry and sugary syrups were the introductory smells.  Leaves and some amber made for an enjoyable flavor with light berries; the finish was a bit tart but definitely drinkable.  89 points

Teri: This white wine from Portugal yielded tart flavors at first sip then grew on me as I continued to try it. The flavors of tart passion fruit and lemon, with just a hint of peach, were crisp with a soft but refreshing finish–very easy to drink. Good acidity give this wine structure and perfect to enjoy in the summer or with lighter foods. 88 points 

Luis Pato Colheita Seleccionada 2011

Plonk Wine Club Luis Pato Colheita Seleccionada

Aaron:  I felt like I was walking through a castle in the woods while smelling the dark forest in this bottle.  While nice and full, the oak and green, unripe berries didn’t do much for me.  The berries simply weren’t juicy enough, making the mild tannins too noticeable.  My primary comment: Teri won’t like it.  86 points

Teri: This Portugal red contains a deep earthy and spicy nose. The taste to me was slightly chalky on the finish and overall very dry. The best part was the bitter cherry and spice on the flavor, giving it some juicy flavors but not too much. This bottle would go well with roasted salmon or Cuban style chicken. 87 points

Encostas Do Bairro Red Wine NV

Wine of the Month Club, $12.99

Aaron:  I enjoyed this bottle and have to say thanks again to my best friend Brian for the membership to WOM!  A mild, fruity smell with cocoa and plum led to an creamy flavor of chocolate covered strawberries.  There was a hint of sparkling salt and spice which was unique but not overwhelming, followed by a tiny bite on the finish.  Ultimately, this bottle has a great presence on the palate and won me over.  91 points

Teri: Flavors of berry, grapefruit, mild spice, and oak make this bottle unique and caught my attention upon first sip. The flavors are powerful and linger on the palate for some time after the original swallow. Just make sure to give this bottle some time to breath and release many of its unique characteristics. A great bottle to pair with creamy cheeses. 90 points