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Pop Dust Prosecco

Lot 18, $16

Aaron: This is pretty good.  Light, green apple on the nose.  Mild flavor with lots of apricot and pear as well as some saltine crackers.  89 points

Teri: Light nose, but beautiful and sturdy flavors of apple, lemon, walnut and a hint of vanilla. Almost too many bubbles, but that was ok with me. The flavor lingers after you swallow and leaves you wanting more. 91 points


Lamarca Prosecco Sparkling Wine NV

La Marca ProseccoTotal Wine & More, $11.99

BevMo, $13.99

La Marca Website

Aaron:  Pear and apple on the nose which is slightly metallic.  A sharp, dry flavor with white strawberry.  A little cedar and green melon round out the taste.  90 points

Teri: With a dry orange nose, this Italian prosecco carries a light flavor of pear, lemon, and peach. It’s dry short flavors are great to mix with other beverages or enjoy by itself. We enjoyed this with a touch of orange juice bringing out more flavors in the prosecco itself. 88 points 

Kirkland Asolo Proseco Superiore NV

Kirkland ProseccoCostco Post about Kirkland Proseco

Purchased from Costco around $8

Aaron: A grapefruit nose with a light and subtle peach lead to a bite-less, calm sparkling which I think is better for mixing than drinking.  The bubbles were light with mild tartness and there really wasn’t much going on.  85 points

Teri: The smell reminds me of a lemon-almond cookie with similar tastes of almond, lemon, peach, and a hint of mineral flavors. Smooth and non-dry. Not too much flavor but just crisp and refreshing. 88 points  for general price and good quality.

Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero NV

Purchased from Costco, $9.89Riondo Prosecco NV

Aaron:  The full flavor surprised me because of the lemony wheat smell.  I was expecting something very dry but instead this featured juicy pear and mild citrus along with some tart raspberry.  Not bad.  89 points

Teri: This is one of the best prosecco’s I have tried to date. The bouquet isn’t much (just a light nose of pear and lemon peal) but the body is rich and crisp. I was amazed by the long legs but still light viscosity and the delightful peach and pear flavors with just a hint of sweetness. Crisp, clean, and rich on flavor. 90 points

Cara Mia Prosecco NV

Costco, $9.99

Aaron: I was less than impressed with this prosecco – and I love sparkling drinks!  The sharp and crisp smell was on the verge of unpleasant and the flavor was bland.  There was some green apple in the background but overall this definitely needs the syrups.  85 points

Teri: This prosecco didn’t have too much of a smell other than a crisp ‘sparkly’ smell. Cara Mia contains flavors of green apple and a little bit of peach. Nothing too special with this one but would be good to mix with syrups for a unique drink. 86 points