Chateau Saint Jean Rhone 2010

Purchased from Costco, $6.99

Aaron:  I enjoyed this, plain and simple.  It was different, it was unique, it was not what I generally look for in wines and it certainly merits a trial.  The rich, dark color is mirrored with a strong smell of peppery red fruits.  This was a nice balance as the nostrils filled with a spicy sensation but were immediately cooled by the lush fruitiness.  The taste was also very pleasant and filled out after the first few sips.  This moderately complex wine featured a smooth, gentle finish which paired well with the balanced, red fruits.  My favorite part was a distinct green apple flavor (and as we know from previous posts I am not a superstar when it comes to pinpointing specific tastes).  While this seems out of place in a red wine I felt it was unique without going off the deep end and appreciated the ambitious experimentation.  As I said above, this deserves a trial and is a pleasant contrast to the Napa wines we usually prefer. 92 points

Teri:  This was a great pick from the local Costco. On the nose, this wine has hints of red fruits and spice with a full round taste and smooth tannins. The wine is bold and full bodied and sits kindly on the palate leaving a smooth shorter finish. I could distinctly make out a hint of cherry and slight pepper on the finish. Great traditional flavors you find in French wines. This one is a good bottle to try for an evening in or take it out with you (as long as the corking fee is reasonable!) 90 points


Kirkland Cotes Du Rhone Villages 2010

Purchased from Costco, $6.99

Aaron: The nose on this French wine was musty with oak overtones and left some sweet berries on the “aftersmell”.  The flavor was very dry and unique, featuring strong tannins; light berry flavors were cloaked in roots and bark and their brief presence at the front end dissipated quickly, leaving an almost salty taste.  Though this was not my favorite wine, it wasn’t half bad.  I wouldn’t recommend it for parties or a gift – certainly don’t try to impress a wine snob with a Costco bottle – and I would advise new wine drinkers to wait a while for this one.  All that said, this is ideal for a blind tasting or for someone with a maturing palate who is interested to see how a Costco bottle compares.  87 Points

Teri: This Kirkland bottled rhone contains a strong fruit nose with a hint of earthiness (very common for Rhone). The color is beautiful deep red with very nice legs that run down the side of the glass. On the taste I get a nice balance of fruit and earth that fills the palate and lingers after the original swallow. The tasting profile, although personally not my personal favorite, it is unique and decadent. This wine would go well as an accompaniment to a nice dinner in and for the price you can’t go wrong. 89 points