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Geist M 2014 Saar Riesling Trocken – Mosel

img_0003Lot 18, $21.99

Aaron:  This featured a nutty brown nose with melon and granite.  The flavor was a bit dull and not very sweet but did include lots of leafy greens.  As expected, very little fruit flavors and probably not a favorite for American Riesling lovers.  87 points

Teri: In the US most people associate riesling with a sweeter flavor. In areas like Australia and Germany, this grape takes many forms. This bottle is dry and crisp with blended flavors of metallic minerals and tropical fruits. No noticeable heavy tannins but still carries a light to medium body. 88 points 


Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling 2013

BevMRiesling Chateau Ste Michelleo, $8.79

Total Wine & More, $5.97

Aaron: For a big-name, easy to find “sweeter” wine I enjoyed this.  White raspberry and some metallic undertones stormed the nose making it slightly sweet but not overdone.  Pineapple and mango along with some palm bark make for an easy-drinking flavor that is great for new wine drinkers.  90 points

Teri: Common on many wine lists and supermarket isles, this Washington winery produces a middle of the road Riesling which is easy to drink and pleasant to drink for a variety of situations. I didn’t smell much on the wine, but the flavors carry hints of lemonade, orange citrus, and warm vanilla peach. Not extraordinary but good and a strong go-to for something you can easily find and will be liked by many individuals. 88 points 


Villa Maria New Zealand Dry Riesling 2010 Private Bin

Villa Maria New Zeland Dry Resiling

Dry Riesling on Villa Maria Website

Wine of the Month Club, Feb 2015, $15.99

Aaron: Dry, fruity peach nose with some slate and mushroom.  This riesling is nice and crisp with some tangy citrus and orange fruits.  Tangerine and cantaloupe flavors are fine but not incredible.  88 points

Teri: The best part of this wine is the juxtaposition of the bright flavors to the clean dry finish of the wine. A nose of peach and green apple are reflected in the wine itself, carrying further green apple characteristics along with white peach and bitter pear. This wine is very easy to drink and I give it 90 points for its flavor and drinkability.

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling 2012

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling 2012Total Wine & More, $8.49

BevMo, $8.99

Aaron:  This had a surprisingly nutty nose to it with a bit of avocado.  It was certainly sweet, but more of a honey and agave instead of straight sugar.  Not very complex but good for new wine drinkers.  87 points

Teri: This is an easy drinking wine for those new to wine. I enjoyed the sweet honey nose with tastes of almond, honey, lemon, and sweet tea. Smooth but not complex. 88 points for drinking ease, but not much complexity.

Moselland Rheinhessen Riesling (Cat Bottle Riesling) 2012

Cat RieslingMoselland Website

Available at Cost Plus World Market

Aaron: So this admittedly was bought as a novelty gift for Teri, just for fun; it turned out not to be pretty decent.  Pineapple was prevalent on the nose and it was pretty sweet and tropical.  Tons of pineapple and a little bit of sweet gala apple rolled through the grass with cantaloupe.  Nothing but sweet fruits in this.  87 points for complexity, 91 for drinkability. 

Teri: Not the best wine in the world, but easy to drink and, of course, it makes a great presentation (but don’t be fooled…it’s only a 500ml bottle). The riesling has a semi-sweet peach nose and a nice light flavor of red apple and peach. Sweeter and light in flavor rather than dry with a short light finish makes it easily enjoyable for many. 86 points