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La Vieille Ferme Recolte 2015

La Vieille Ferme Website

Purchased from World Market, $9.99

Aaron: Red fruit and lots of leather make the smell punch you in the face.   Spiny roses and thorns weren’t my favorite but were rounded out with honey.  88 points

Teri: This wine has an oaky-blackberry nose with a round mouth feel. Overall, mineral flavors were prominent along with the taste of leather, celery and cranberry soaked oak with pepper. This bottle is good for those who like their wine to have more mineral flavor with less fruit. Semi dry with mild but noticeable tannins. 88 points



Cava Finca La Pintada Brut Rose NV

Cava Finca La PintadaSplash Wines, $19.95 (non-member price)

Aaron:  The nose on this brut was dark, organic cherries and the flavor was very very (VERY) dry.  Some mildly tart raspberries and root veggies combined with a hint of grapefruit and bing cherry.  89 points 

Teri: This is a dry sparkling wine but still has notable flavors and a quality finish. After the cranberry-strawberry nose, I tasted flavors of dried strawberries then lingering raw Spanish peanut. This bottle is refreshing and good for many occasions but not my personal favorite. 87 points 


Veuve Du Vernay Brut Rose

Veuve Du Vernay Brut RosePurchased from a local supermarket (Kroger), $11.99

The Wine Shop, $8.99

Featured on SF Weekly 

Aaron: This has a rich flavor for a rose sparkling.  The nose is tingly and floral while the palate experiences red berries and tomatoes.  This is sweet but almost bitter at mid swallow and followed by some vegetable tastes.  This was as strange as it sounds, but it was actually pretty good.  90 points

Teri: Want to try something different? Go for a sparkling rose. Slightly fuller than a sparkling white, but unique flavors from the red vs. white grape. This bottle smelled of baked apples and flavors of crisp mulberry with red apple and dried strawberry. It also had a longer finish than most sparkling wines but still felt crisp and clean. There was also a unique veggie flavor component (perhaps tomato) to the wine adding to it’s unique flavors. 89 points 


Wiens Family Cellars Pink Crowded 2012

Purchased from Wiens Family Cellars, $Wiens Pink Crowded 201222

Aaron:  The smell was rosy with berries, light, and airy.  The highly viscous flavor features creamy strawberries and lots of fruit.  Not much earth or oak, just a hint of cocoa on the finish (very very faint).  This is an easy drinking, middle of the road red and great for newbies.  89 points

Teri: This bottle is a winner all around for large gatherings, especially during the summer. With a nice dark ruby blush color and a light smell of strawberry this is refreshing and flavorful. On the lighter side of medium bodied, this wine keeps it light but still has a finish that will linger. It’s an entire picnic of watermelon, cherry, and strawberry that is still light enough for my blush-loving grandparents but complex enough for those who love darker reds. 91 points

Angove Nine Vines 2008

Cost Plus World Market, $12.99 (sale $4.99)

Aaron:  As far as wine goes, rose wines are not high on my preference list, however to be a complete blog we need to have some.  This wasn’t horrible with subtle flowers and peach on the smell followed by a crisp palate.  The flavor was wider than expected and was smooth but light.  The aftertaste was noticeably long (though mild and light) and featured grasses and strawberries which I found unique.  85 points

Teri: It has been a while since I have enjoyed a glass of rose. This once contained a bright smell of grapefruit with a slight bite in the taste, possibly a unique flavor from the Shiraz grape. The rest was light and smooth with tastes of strawberry and citrus. This would go well to enjoy at outside summer events or with a summer salad. 86 points