Leone IGP Pugila Sangiovese 2015

img_0338Lot 18, $20

Aaron: Teri’s assessment that this is an “everyday” wine is pretty spot on. There was strawberry licorice and other hard candies on the nose with some medicinal herbs as well.  The flavor was extremely fruity with some mild tannins.  This wasn’t exceptional but was more than just juice.  Not my favorite but easy to grab off the wine rack in a pinch.  89 points

Teri: This is a great everyday drinking read with a spicy nose but a fruity flavor. I tasted strawberry and cherry with subtle underlying hints of spice. Overall light but good body. 90 points 


Wiens Family Cellars Sangiovese 2012

Wiens Sangiovese 2012Wiens Family Cellars, $38

Aaron:  I am extremely impressed with this Temecula bottle.  The powerful smell with strawberry syrup and boysenberry led to a fruity flavor that didn’t disappoint.  Concord grape dominates the palate with smooth, yet thorny leaves in the background.  I get the image of a berry bush with prickly leaves and tiny red berry clusters in the middle of a damp forest.  Really one of the better 2012 Weins bottles.  92 points

Teri: This is one of my favorite Wiens bottles. I feel its strength is in its bold flavors which still carry extremely smooth tannins. It has an oaky-cherry nose and a pleasant, full, round mouth feel of cherry and strawberry with sweet spice on the finish. It follows many traditional California styles being fruit forward and medium bodied. 92 points

Vola Sangiovese Umbria 2010

Vola Sangiovese 2012Purchased from Trader Joes, $2.49

Aaron:  This had a musky berry smell featuring long-fermented oak; I readily equated this to an old, stone cellar.  The dark pepper flavor was a bit bitter with green leaves and young oak dominating the flavor. I felt this was fairly traditional and not that great, but it was only $2.49…  87 points

Teri: Don’t let the earthy nose deter you from this bottle. There is still an earthy mineral taste in its flavor but has some strong underlying fruit. This bottle would blend well with many meals with its flavors of rhubarb and plum mixed with its mineral and oak tones. 89 points