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NYX Red Wine 2014

Lot 18, $20/bottleNYX Red Wine

Aaron: This wasn’t my favorite wine by any means.  It was sharp and smokey with tobacco and charred tree bark coated in mud.  The flavor was a bit tangy and bitter, basically unappealing to me.  There wasn’t a lot of fruit and what fruit there was, was underripe. This was just harsher than I’d like, especially for a blend.  82 points

Teri: I don’t know if Aaron and I have ever differed so much on a bottle. The wine is visually a darker purple-red color in the glass, matching the hearty flavors within this blend. A woody-berry nose gives way to vanilla flavors with a hint of spice and undertones of dried black cherry and smoke. The smoke lingers into the finish and gives way to a touch of oak. This is a hearty wine for a blend, perfect for multiple occasions. I guess…just don’t invite Aaron. 90 points 



Archboard Pinot Noir 2014

Lot 18, $16.50/bottleArchboard Pinot Noir 2014

Aaron:  This grew on me though I wasn’t impressed at first.  The berry, smokey nose of charred wood led to a full flavor but I wouldn’t say the wine was “luscious”.  There was noticeable bark and pepper with strawberries and lots of tart raspberries.   88 points

Teri: I am a lover of Pinot Noir, but this one wasn’t my favorite. The nose surprised me as it had almost a “fizzle” type smell. Flavors of tart strawberry, currant, and mossy bark was strong in the flavor. The woody flavors continued on into the medium light finish on the wine. If you prefer your pinots with woody flavors, this would be your bottle. If you like your fruit in your pinots, then I would say skip this one. 88 points 


Palmina Dolchetto 2012

DolcettoPalmina Wines Tasting Notes on Dolcetto

Arrived with wine club shipment: Plonk Wine Club Tasting Notes

Aaron: This one is ok but not my favorite as with most of the Plonk Wine Club bottles we got.  It was generally oaky with a little raspberry and pretty dry.  I expected something sweeter and a little thicker – this was a bit too watery.  87 points

Teri: Rich in red cherry, mulberry, and plum, this red wine was easy to drink and versatile with different food flavors. Cherry was the dominant flavor I tasted along side a raspberry smell. Not much oak flavors throughout. This black Italian wine grape translates to “the little sweet one”, perhaps that is fitting for the rich berry and cherry flavors within this wine. 89 points 

Thornhill Pinot Noir 2013

IMG_7578 Sent from The Tasting Room/Lot 18, about $35/bottle 

Aaron:  This featured and oaky nose with minerals and limited fruit.  The flavor was much better, bursting with nutty vanilla and cocoa.  This was easy to drink due to its smooth and pleasant finish.  91 points

Teri: Bright present very ripe strawberry flavors on the nose (classic for a pinot noir), reminds me of strawberry pie. The long legs on the glass also let me know that the body of the wine is going to be rich and full. Contrary to the smell, the flavors of this wine carry less fruit and more oak and leather making the wine full of vanilla and earth flavors–a hearty wine for those who like bigger reds.  88 points Thornhill Pinot Noir

Crusted Pie Pinot Noir 2012

Crusted Pie Pinot Noir 2012Sent from Wine of the Month after we didn’t like our last bottle.

Aaron:  Wine of the month gets major props, not only for making up for sending a bad bottle but for sending a great one to replace it!  This pinot had a perfect balance of oak and berries on the nose with noticeably red and black berries.  The best part is a perfect mouthfeel and great body for a pinot.  This was full but not overwhelming with a little bite of pepper but nothing uncomfortable.  92 points.

Teri: I smell spicy red berries on the nose (quite different for a pinot noir) but the flavor was spot on: red raspberry and strawberry busting from the seams! Just a hint of spice throughout, enough to just add complexity but not take away from those wonderful fruit flavors. A nice long and structure finish makes way to a slight leafy aftertaste, not quite my favorite but not enough to mask the beautiful flavors of the wine itself. Very easy to drink and would make a great gift for a wine lover or novelty for someone who loves baked good. 90 points