Babcock Pinot Noir 2012 Santa Ynez Valley

Babcock Pinot NoirBabcock Winery

Recieved from Wine of the Month Club September 2014 shipment

Aaron:  Props to the Wine of the Month club for replacing this bottle after we wrote them with disappointment.  The earthy mushroom smell was not appetizing at all and while the flavor was smooth and full it was definitely not my favorite. Tremendously dark, there was a ton of oak and mostly non-fruit flavors like leather and day-old mud.  This frankly was just not good.  80 points

Teri: Wine of the month raved about this wine, but I didn’t taste anything similar to how they described this bottle. The smell was not appetizing and I can only describe it as talc and mineral smells. Flavors of leather, minerals, and a hit of cranberry with lingering oak. I love pinots and this bottle did not have any of the bright red fruits or density that I normally love about the pinot grape. Far from anything spectacular, unless you really like mineral rich wines. 82 points 


Field Recordings Camp 4 Vineyard Cargnan 2012

Field Recordings Carignan 2012Plonk Wine Club Pick

Aaron: Burnt oak and strawberry on the nose made for a unique combination.  The fruity flavor with lots of tannins made for a strong and lingering flavor with just a few veggies for complexity.  Good, not great, but not bad.  88

Teri: For those of you looking for something different, this is worth a try. Made by fermenting the juice within the berry before crushing, this wine brings unique characteristics and flavor that you don’t find in many others. I loved the juicy chocolate cherry nose and the cinnamon-spice finish. The wine itself carries young cherry and mineral flavors. This unique wine would be great to pair with pork tacos and Asian stews. 88 points