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Oatra Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Ostra Sauvignon BlancLot 18, $18.99

Ostra Sav Blanc on Cellar Tracker 

Aaron: Toasted cedar and nutmeg flowered into a hint of brown sugar on the nose of this white.  The flavor was mild and mellow, light but not watered down, and featured a good balance of fruit and nuts.  This wasn’t sweet, nor was it dull.  I felt it was overall a pretty solid wine with some apricot and melon flavors which would compliment most foods.  91 points

Teri: I found this wine different and interesting. The smell of lemongrass and cantaloupe on the nose is a little misleading because the flavors I tasted within the bottle were quite different. Within the wine, I tasted chestnut, lemon, sage, and some stone fruit. Overall the flavors sit wonderfully in the middle of your palate and there is a nice balance between herb and fruit flavors. This wine is not overwhelming in fruity flavors (so if that is what you like, you may want to stay away from this one) but rich in flavor overall. I wonderful bottle to try and one I would enjoy again. 90 points 



Quinton Estates Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Reserve

Quinton Sauv Blanc NapaPurchased from Cost Plus World Market, $15.99

Aaron:  This is a great white wine!  Lemon and green apple smell with a full and creamy flavor; much more full than expected for the varietal.  There was a surprising amount of alcoholic residue which was a bit harsh but also a ton of vanilla and pear with white, fleshy fruits which were firm and crisp.  91 points

Teri: This sauvignon blanc is warm and inviting. I was impressed by how easy this wine was to drink but still carried an abundance of flavor. I tasted flavors of nectarine and other stone fruits with a hint of warm honey and vanilla. For the price, this wine is a great buy and will please novice and expert wine lovers alike. 93 points 

Sol Y Luna Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Splash Wines, $13.99Sol Y Luna 2014

Aaron: This very bright wine featured yellow peaches and nectarines on the nose with some red raspberry and honey undertones.  The flavor had a bit too much lime for me with some palm trees and sandy beaches making for a tropical, but heavy-citrus experience.  The flavor concluded with grapefruit which would be great for sangria or if you want something with some zing.  89 points

Teri: This Sauvignon Blanc from Chile is unique and refreshing.  A fruity nose of cantaloupe and honeydew make way to a taste that is a bit different but refreshing. The flavors were full of honey, orange citrus, and almond with a long lingering aftertaste. 90 points

Vignoble Gibault Val De Loire Sauvignon 2014

Vignoble Gibault Sauvignon

Vignoble Gibault Website

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Aaron: This scored really well for me.  Super fruity, white peach nose with some faint almonds.  The flavor was filled with apricot, making it pleasant and easy drinking.  There were noticeable lemon and white fruits, which made this very very (very very very) bright.  92 points

Teri: This wine is a fruit basket! I loved the nose of vanilla and honey…and the wine just got better from there. Flavors of honeydew and lemon with some anjou pear on the finish. Fruity and delicious; Easy to drink! 90 points 

Finial Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Finial Sauvignon BlancLot 18, $17/bottle

Aaron: Two  thumbs up from me.  I loved the tropical citrus nose, but what won points was the full creamy flavor.  Honeydew and melon kept me entranced while the nice, easy drinking finish made this a non-traditional sav blanc.  This wasn’t as crisp as expected but I loved the flavor and felt this was  really enjoyable bottle.  92 points

Teri: I don’t often rave about a wine that comes from a somewhere in ‘California’…but this one is worth having on hand. The bottle boasts grapes grown in warm vineyards and I can tell by the rich and robust flavors that housed in this wine. Bright flavors of key lime, honeysuckle,and lemon grass dance over your tongue with a long finish that lasts on your palate. This bottle would be great with seafood, salads, or just to open and enjoy on its own. Summary of review: This wine is delicious. 92 points