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Abalone NV Espumante

Lot 18 / The Tasting Room, $16

Aaron:  This is a great bottle for those looking for something sweet; maybe not the best for experienced wine drinkers.  There’s lots of bright green apple on the nose with some Himalayan rock salt.  The flavor was super sweet, like liquid candy and featured syrupy honey.  88 points

Teri: This sparkling doesn’t have much smell on the nose but an explosion of honey and apricot on the flavor that lingers in your mouth. Good amount of bubbles and a semi-sweet (not dry) flavor. This bottle is a great choice for those who like sweeter wines or would be a great choice with juice for mimosas. 89 points 



Karma Lion NV Vinho Espumante

Lot 18, $18.49

Aaron: This isn’t super complex, but it tastes pretty good.  Honey and melon on the nose, followed by a sweet, syrupy flavor.  There is more honey, plus brown sugar on the palate with some peach, making this super easy drinking.  90 points

Teri: Sweet peach and red apple with an almost ‘sticky’ mouth feel. This sparkling wine is good but on the sweeter side. Not too complex. Fruity. 89 points. 

Ngumu Western Cape Chenin Blanc South Africa 2014

Ngumu WinePurchased from Splash Wines

Vivino Profile

Aaron: Trippy name which took me a while to pronounce – I consider this foreshadowing because the wine took a while to grow on me.  This had a nutty nose with white and yellow butter however the flavor was harsh and bitter a first.  After this initial taste a wave of salty ocean water and oysters crashed over grapefruit and ultimately left a creamier, cantaloupe linger.  89 points

Teri: With a light peachy nose and more ‘industrial flavors’ on the finish, I think this wine goes better with some food then something to enjoy on its own. Extremely fruit forward with flavors of stone fruit, dried apricot, and a hint of must at the end including some rubber and mineral tastes. I couldn’t tell if this was better or the same after it had a little time to aerate, but nothing special stood out to me with this bottle. 88 points 

Radford Dale Chardonnay 2011

Radford Dale Chardonnay 2011The Winery of Good Hope Website

Purchased off of Splash Wines

Aaron:  I really liked this one.  Melon and beechwood along with sand and some banana made for a unique nose and the flavor was full and creamy.  White and yellow stone fruits are pleasant flavors while a hint of citrus sneaks in at the end.  The taste is mostly in the back, roof of your mouth and lingers for a good while.  91 points

Teri: South Africa is a great up and coming region for wines. This Chardonnay has a mixture of floral and vegetable flavors on the nose. The wine tastes quite different from the smell; flavors of green apple, lychee, and smooth butter and cream on the finish. A great blend of fruit and cream with a medium body and bright acidity but not overwhelming. 90 points 


Spier Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Total Wine & More, $8.99
Spier Winery Website

Aaron:  The Spier Sauvignon Blanc was noticeably creamy in my opinion.  Tropical fruits of mango overpowered a bright, sweet fruit smell.  Strawberries and pineapple rounded out the flavor and though a little tart this wasn’t bad; pair it with a white fish.  89 points

Teri: This Sauvignon Blanc carries the traditional crisp characteristics of this varietal. I smelled grapefruit and citrus with light flavors of lemon, herbs, and a slight hint of peach in the taste. The flavors evolve slowly in your mouth then dissipate slowly. South African wines are slowly earning their way into the American wine market and this one is a worthy competitor. 87 points