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Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserva 2009

Marques de Riscal RiojaWine.com, $17.99

Total Wine & More, $15.74

BevMo, $19.99

Wine Profile from Winery 

Aaron: I enjoyed this bottle.  A nice forests nose which was still full of berries and moss.  The flavor is really full and dense with allspice and pepper coating smoked cedar. I felt this was expectedly old-world flavor and I enjoyed it.  90 points

Teri: The nose smells like you are sniffing chocolate covered raspberries out of an oak box (for me that is a positive attribute). The wine is a pleasant blend of fruit and sweet oak. The flavors cascade from clove, raspberry, cedar, leather, to finally wild berries. Surprisingly for the rich flavor the body of the wine is on the lighter side making it (dangerously) easy to drink. 91 points 


LaGranja 360 Cava Brut

LaGranja 360Trader Joes, $6.99

Aaron:  For $7, not bad.  Musty green apple and toasted pear on the nose, followed by a sharp, metallic flavor with spice.  This transformed into white grapes and sunflowers (what, you’ve only tasted sunflower seeds!?).  89 points

Teri: For a $7 bottle and the ease of picking this one up from your local Trader Joes, this bottle is a win. I smelled light lemon on the nose with nutty flavors, additional lemon, and a hint of red apple on the taste. This Brut is crisp with good flavor and nice mouthfeel. Great value and cheep enough to have a bottle around for any occasion. 89 points 


Placer Andaluz Red Wine 2014

Placer Andaluz Tempranillo-SyrahWine Composition: Tempranillo 70% – Syrah 30%

Purchased from Splash Wines, $14.49

Vivino Profile

Aaron:  This was an easy-drinking winner for me.  Ocean waves and blackberries on the nose floated alongside water-soaked tree bark.  The flavor was super juicy with lots of fruit and almost overripe blueberries and blackberries.  There was a hint of smoked tobacco at the end but to be fair there was pretty much no complexity to this “juice”.  The end of the flavor had an aftertaste of cold-brew coffee and my points are primarily for the pleasing, drinkability of this bottle.  91 points

Teri: The woody smell on this wine is diversely different from the juicy flavors on the wine itself. Flavors of tart cranberry and raspberry flow across the palate with light tannins on the finish. Not very complex but easy to drink and still carries slight bold characteristics. 86 points 

Cava Finca La Pintada Brut Rose NV

Cava Finca La PintadaSplash Wines, $19.95 (non-member price)

Aaron:  The nose on this brut was dark, organic cherries and the flavor was very very (VERY) dry.  Some mildly tart raspberries and root veggies combined with a hint of grapefruit and bing cherry.  89 points 

Teri: This is a dry sparkling wine but still has notable flavors and a quality finish. After the cranberry-strawberry nose, I tasted flavors of dried strawberries then lingering raw Spanish peanut. This bottle is refreshing and good for many occasions but not my personal favorite. 87 points 


Finca La Pintada Brut Cava

Splash Wines, $10 (member)/ $20 (nonmember)

Finca La Pintada Facebook PageFinca La Pintada Cava

Aaron:  We got this wine “for free” from Splash and I’m really glad they sent it.  The almond, apple smell molded into a flavor of vanilla and crisp apples.  There was a bit of white raspberry but what won me over was the tons of cream, which was unexpected for a bubbly.  This was easy drinking but bold with an intense, lemony finish.  91 points

Teri: This sparkling wine was easy to drink but very flavorful! Not too dry but not too sweet, this sparkling carries flavors of red apple, fresh peach, and pear. Also with present, but mild bubbles, this one is bound to be a favorite among a wide audience. 91 points