Rametz Gaiolo Merlot-Lagrein 2011

Gailo Merlot-Lagrein 2011Purchased from the Rametz Winery in Italy

Aaron:  The smell … oh my gosh the smell!  Chocolate and fruits with just a hint of oak make for an incredibly round, luscious nose.  Pepper was noticeable but subdued on the flavor and the tannins were a bit heavy because this bottle needs to breath.  Full bodied with some nutty undertones and earthiness, this wine wasn’t fruit-forward and the smell is better than the taste but this is still wonderful.  90 points

Teri: This was one of the first bottles we purchased during our trip to Italy. Not very familiar with the lagrein grape, this blend carries some strong full bodied characteristics of a zin but the merlot mellows out the bottle to a full but smooth taste. I loved the full and beautiful dark berry/oak smell that rounded out into a balanced berry/oak flavor. 90 points


Fliederhof Riserva Lagrein 2008

Aaron and I enjoyed this flavorful bottle over dinner in Ritten, Italy. It comes from the surrounding Sud Tirol wine area which is both beautiful and a perfect climate for producing fantastic wines. It is also one of the few growing regions for the Lagrein varietal.

Aaron:  Heck yes!  This was full and luscious with no bite – wow! Lots of mellow fruits with some raspberries flooded the palate while cool, spiced fruit made for a pleasant nose.  This was not dirty at all but did include some leafy notes.  Lots of black and blue berry jams made it hard to pinpoint exact flavors for me but this was definitely complex and enjoyable.  94 points

Teri: The first thing I noticed was the dark plum color of the wine which complemented the mild berry smell and full, hearty taste. An abundance of berry flavor upfront with tannins that hit you strong but smooth out slowly to round out the taste of blueberries, blackberries, and spice on the finish with a little bit of earthy undertones. 90 points