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Le Concierge Syrah 2015


Lot 18 Wine Club 

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Aaron:  Cinnamon, vanilla, and almonds burst into boysenberry on the nose.  The flavor is super juicy and full of luscious ripe fruits.  Black and red berries make this Syrah easy to drink with little to no bite or pepper.  This is just super easy drinking but not watery, though to be fair it could use more complexity.  La Concierge makes really drinkable wines, period.  90 points

Teri: Blackberry and a bit of plastic on the smell. Mild taste and medium body for a Syrah. Overall, this tastes like a French red with woody oak, baking powder with minerals and a hint of red fruit. Long lingering flavors but not my personal favorites in my wine. 87 points for good body and smooth tannins but just not one I would personally purchase again, based on flavor profile preference.


Longwave Monterey County Syrah 2013

Purchased from Lot 18/The Tasting Room

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Aaron: I really like this one.  Light yellow grass nose with dusty rocks and celery.  Flavor The flavor gets bigger in your mouth like a wave.  Lots of berries and some spice for body but not overwhelming.  Dark tobacco leaves coated in molasses and cocoa.  Really nice.  92 points

Teri: Plum and herb on the nose with a nice balance of fruit and herb on the finish. Round and noticeable but smooth tannins. Cassis, plum and a hint of blackberry. Delicious. 91 points 


Sola Syrah 2012

Sola Syrah 2012Purchased from World Market, $14.99

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Aaron: This was ok but not my favorite.  A peppery pomegranate nose was layered with black granite, porous countertops.  The flavor was bold and a bit shocking at first with more tartness than smooth vanilla.  Prominent spices, chili, and pepper.  88 points

Teri: This wine was easy to drink but not a favorite flavor profile of mine (earthy/mineral characteristics). I tasted muted raspberry, smoke and herbs on the wine with additional minerals lingering on the finish. 86 points 

Tapaculo Syrah 2013

Tapaculo SyrahPurchased from Splash Wines, $19.95 ($8 with membership)

Aaron:  The nose on this syrah was potent and a bit stinky with black currant and muddy pine forest.  The juicy flavor was palatable with some mild tannins and a lot of metal.  I got mostly silver and grant minerals; overall a rocky dry riverbed on the palate.  88 points

Teri: This wine carries characteristics of a Chilean wine but with additional bolder flavors from the Syrah grape. Its full body and a long finish make it perfect to pair with bold foods. Flavors of cherrywood, dried plum, cedar, and pepper stay on your palate long after the swallow. 88 points

Kalder Syrah 2013

Kalder Syrah 2013Received from Heartwood and Oak, $16.99

Barclays Website, $16.99

Aaron:  This is a good value bottle.  Fruit and iced pepper crowd the nostrils but the flavor is super juicy.  Mulberry, blueberry, and limited spices lead to a slightly cinnamon finish.  This was full with some mildly charred oak.  Overall, pleasant and enjoyable.  91 points

Teri: This is one of the first bottles I have liked from the shipment Heartwood and Oak sent us. With an almost sweet strawberries and nutmeg smelling nose, this bottle is bold but carries smooth flavors of dark cherry, blackberry, and ripe plum plus some cinnamon spice on the finish. I loved the hearty feel of the wine with the juicy fruits on the taste. Bold, flavorful, and beautiful. 92 points