Wiens Family Cellars Zinfandel 2012

Wiens Family Cellars Website, $36Wiens Zinfandel

Aaron: We purposefully waited a while to open this zin though it could probably use even another year or two.  The nose had light oak and prominent raisin.  The flavor was thick with lots of dried, fruity prunes; I was surprised to read the bottle afterwards which specifically states the opposite.  To me this was almost like a port with a near-taffy consistency.  I wish the fruit flavors were more ripe but that is a function of the Temecula region.  89 points

Teri: I admit, I love Wiens. My love is bias because this is the winery we had our wedding at, but getting to know the staff and how much they put into their product just adds to my love of their wines. They are known for big reds, like this Zin, which has a classic jammy berry nose and flavors of jammy cherry with blackberries plus a hint of mulling spices. Not much oak, just overwhelming fruit and baking spices with structured but smooth tannins. 90 points 


Weins Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Wiens Family Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2012Purchased from Wiens Family Cellars in Temecula, about $27 dollars

Aaron:  There was lots of jammy blackberry and chocolate on the nose with a hint of pine needles.  A bit metallic flavor almost like slate or granite.  In general there’s much more earth than berries and some drying tannins leave some chalk.  The flavor is “ok” and while not amazing it was good enough.  89 points

Teri:  This wine has a juicy cherry flavor smell with a small hint of oak. Flavors of dark cherry licorice, plum and grassy tannins on the finish lead to an easy drinking red with a smooth medium body but still has some noticeable texture after swallowing. Bold but still easy to drink. 87 points for general drinkability 

Wiens Family Cellars Red Crowded 2012

Wiens Red Crowded 2012Wiens Family Cellars Website

Around $25/bottle when in season

Aaron:  This had a pretty full nose and was honestly much better than I remembered.  Raspberry vinagarette and toast sparked the nostrils while some mild sweetness from very juicy fruit danced on the tongue.  This really wasn’t what I was used to from Weins; there was still a bit of sand but much more subdued than a year ago.  Strawberry overpowers the flavor with some limited oak.  90 points

Teri: Apart from the beautiful artist series label, the wine within this bottle is just as beautifully crafted. Don’t let the standard nose fool you, this wine is full of plum and fruit forward flavors with structural but slight undertones of oak. The medium smooth finish with noticeable tannins gives is beautiful structure where it can be enjoyed alone or along side a meal. 90 points 

Wiens Family Cellars Sangiovese 2012

Wiens Sangiovese 2012Wiens Family Cellars, $38

Aaron:  I am extremely impressed with this Temecula bottle.  The powerful smell with strawberry syrup and boysenberry led to a fruity flavor that didn’t disappoint.  Concord grape dominates the palate with smooth, yet thorny leaves in the background.  I get the image of a berry bush with prickly leaves and tiny red berry clusters in the middle of a damp forest.  Really one of the better 2012 Weins bottles.  92 points

Teri: This is one of my favorite Wiens bottles. I feel its strength is in its bold flavors which still carry extremely smooth tannins. It has an oaky-cherry nose and a pleasant, full, round mouth feel of cherry and strawberry with sweet spice on the finish. It follows many traditional California styles being fruit forward and medium bodied. 92 points