Neptune’s Trident 2013

Neptune's Trident 2013From Lot 18/The Tasting Room

Aaron:  The nose is a bit oaky with some mild fruits and the flavor definitely tastes like a blend.  This is very smooth and drinkable but a little on the sweet side.  There are tons of cherry and strawberry so it gets a 90 for dinkability but only an 86 for complexity.

Teri: There is a unique cinnamon clove-berry smell on this blended red. Overall a light feel but I could taste thick, semi-unstructured, tannins. This wine could use another year in the bottle to mellow out on the ‘chunky’ feel of the tannins. It carries flavors of blueberry, clove, and young cherry but the final flavor I am left with is the harsh ending of the tannins. 86 points 


Peirano Estate Vineyard Syrah 2012

Peirano Estate Vineyard Syrah 2012Purchased from World Market, $13.99

Peirano Estates Website

Aaron:  This Syrah is a great find in my opinion.  Lots of vanilla and rich berries on the nose led to a very full flavor.  There wasn’t a ton of spicy kick but this was very very smooth, rich, and bold.  Berries were a prominent flavor but the velvety softness was overwhelming and the smooth finish was gentle till the end.  Not what I’d expect from a Syrah and one I’d recommend trying.  91 points

Teri: This is a smooth but bold bottle with an abundance of raspberry and coco chocolate vanilla flavors. It’s smooth full tannins sit nicely on the palate and the flavors are memorable and linger for a great period of time. The gentile smooth finish has just a hint of tobacco adding complexity and making you want take another sip. 92 points 

Cal Y Canto Dry White 2012

Wine of the Month pick: $18.99 Retail  Cal Y Canto Dry White 2012

Aaron:  The nose of this white was like rocky granite with a hint of cilantro.  While crisp, the flavor is surprisingly flowing and not thin at all.  There were metallic and mineral flavors leading to a slightly bitter aftertaste of ginger which lead me to recommend this only to the adventurous who enjoy something other than your standard Chardonnay.  88 points

Teri: I love the difference in Spanish dry whites. This wine carries a lovely lemongrass floral smell with a long finish of lemon peel with a hint of mineral. Very smooth tannins and a light body, this wine is crisp and not too complex but still full of lots of flavor. 90 points