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Dear Readers:

Thank you for making The Vino Duo so successful!  We are proud to announce our newest feature: Premier Partners.  In addition to making great wine, these wineries and distributors have gone above and beyond by actively promoting their brand and supplying information beyond the label.  We encourage you to visit their sites for promotional events and read their insights.

New partners will be added when we find them so be sure to visit the page often to see which new Premier Partner you need to investigate!  Thanks and happy sipping.

– Teri and Aaron


SPECIAL Valentines Day Post

Choosing a bottle for valentines day can be a daunting task. A day filled with hearts and flowers carries a lot of stigma, especially if you are trying to impress a special someone. Well…no matter if you are planning a romantic evening, relaxing after a long day of work, rekindling the fire, or sitting around with your friends…there is something for your occasion:

New Love
Napa Cellars Chardonnay – Highly Rated and the word Napa is always impressive.

Turn up the Heat
Moss Roxx Ancient Vine Zinfandel – Bold and sure to take her (or his) breath away. Add some chocolate covered strawberries for bonus points.

Timeless Love
Korbel Brut – Let the bubbles go to your head as you relive your magical years together.

Classy Liquid Courage for the BIG question
Sextant Late Harvest Zinfandel – sweet and unique…just like your special someone.

Celebrating Singles Awareness Day
Tait Ball Buster – The wine maker named this after his wife…enough said.

If none of these suit your fancy, be sure to check out our Romantic Evening category for more options.

Thanksgiving Recommendations – SPECIAL POST

Thank you Stefanie for suggesting a Thanksgiving post.  For those of you keeping notes, we are breaking our pattern of 2-3 posts per week to bring you these SPECIAL recommendations.

Be sure to check out our “Dinner Party” section for wines we feel would go over well regardless of the guests.  If you take our advise please let us know!  We want to hear how you felt, how your guests reacted and share your story with our readers.  So leave a comment or send us an email at aaronandteri@gmail.com.  Enjoy (and note, each wine is linked to its original post!)

Thanksgiving in General
The following wines should please most people and won’t break your budget.  We tried to identify wines to pair well with traditional Thanksgiving food like turkey, veggies and pumpkin pie.

If you have an inexperienced crowd:
These are more inexpensive wines which should be appealing to underdeveloped palates (which usually look for something sweeter and smooth).

If you have an adventurous crowd:
These are some of our favorites so we recommend them for those individuals who care more about the wine than the food – caution: if embarking on this path be sure people get to enjoy the wine!

If you have a snobby crowd:
We all know these people – and sadly, they usually care more about the name than the flavor.  To impress these folks you’ll have to spend a little more but these wines will reward your taste buds. 

Dear Readers: Our 100th Post!

It took almost 11 months and way more money than any couple should spend on wine, but we are proud to present our 100th post!  That’s right, The Vino Duo has documented 99 different bottles and tastings since we started blogging back in January.  Here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. Our readers are awesome!
  2. Price doesn’t mean quality.
  3. Region makes a huge difference in flavor.
  4. Our tastes are pretty consistent.

If you like big fruity wines you’ll probably agree with our ratings, but if you have a different opinion, we want to know about it!  We appreciate our readers’ comments – check out our Blue Fin Pinot posts – when our readers question our opinions, we publish their thoughts and review our analysis, that’s because this is a blog for you, the reader.

If you haven’t experienced the full value of The Vino Duo blog, our goal is to provide quick, easy and affordable solutions for occasion wines.  What does that mean?  It means if you’re going to a party, check out our recommendations for Dinner Party wines.  If you’re trying to charm that special someone, check out the Romantic Evening suggestions, and if you really need to impress someone, we have a category for that too.

Maybe you have a wine you like.  Maybe you want our opinion on a certain vintage.  Maybe you just want to have your name somewhere on the internet.  Well, if any of those things apply to you, then email us at aaronandteri@gmail.com or use our contact us page.  We want your feedback, especially if you want to be one of our guest posters.

Not your cup of tea?  Make a comment on one of our posts to share your opinions, we’ll make sure to publish it and provide a response because everyone’s opinion is different.  So tell us what you think.  Give your feedback, give your recommendations, get involved with your bloggers and we promise we’ll keep working to give you the best information about wines.

Thanks for your support and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and share with your friends!


Aaron and Teri