Fess Parker Viognier 2011

Total Wine & More, $19.99 (2010 Vintage) 

BevMo, $15.37 (2009 Vintage) 

Aaron:  This viognier had almost no nose, literally.  The flavor featured a little bit of peach and a hint of bitterness but overall this was too light with not much going on.  I’d pass. 86 points

Teri: My viewpoint was actually quite different from Aaron’s on this one. I agree, not much smell other than a hint of honey but I enjoyed the mineral heavy taste of melon and honey. A light finish and consistent flavor makes this bottle very easy to drink and great to pair with heavy meals. Crisp, clean, and consistent. 90 points


La Difference Viognier-Muscat 2010

Total Wine & More, $7.99

Aaron:  Smell: not great … flavor nice … overall – try it.  The smell was bitter, earthy and generally unpleasant however if you can breath through your mouth, hold out for the relatively full flavor of this creamy, fruity white.  I noticed mango, pineapple and a distinct lack of sweetness (surprising for a muscat blend).  I enjoyed the long finish and felt this was not bad for a voignier-muscat blend.  90 points

Teri:  Containing a tropical smell with some oak this white French blend is pleasant to drink. A medium body of apricot, papaya, and pineapple flavors this wine bends together some strong tropical fruits that flows into an oaky smooth finish. I feel it may need to decant for a bit to loosen up but the unique flavors for a white blend make this a great bottle and interesting to drink. 90 points 

Oak Grove Viognier 2010 Reserve

Total Wine and More: $5.99

Teri: This is a very nice crisp but full bodied white. It carries a pleasant nose of pear, apple and honey with a taste that is long and flavorful containing apple, peach, citrus and a small amount of oak. The abundance of flavor from this Viognier will stand up and pair well with a variety of dishes. Because of its great flavor it is also quite enjoyable alone. 89 points

Aaron: I sensed a lot of the white grape flavor on the nose of this viognier, however I also got a sense of green apple and oak.  The smooth velvet on the palate was very appealing and there was just the right amount of sweetness.  I definitely tasted citrusry, write fruit and what I interpret to be apricot.  89 points