Accoutre Malbec 2013

Accoutre MalbecWine of the Month Club, $19.99, price unavailable 

Aaron:  This was great.  A gentle mulberry and chocolate nose with a really creamy, easy-to-drink flavor.  This wine was full but not heavy, featuring good cherry and light bark flavors with no bite.  I loved it and felt it was amazing though admittedly, it’s not really “complex”.  93 points

Teri: This was the first time trying a French Malbec; normally we see this grape coming from South and North America. The wine carried a rich smell of coco and rhubarb but was distinctly lighter in body. Although it’s flavors of cranberry, cinnamon spice and raisin where not as hearty or full as other Malbec’s I have tried, the wine still had good flavor and a nice clean finish. I only wish the flavors would have lasted longer on the palate. 87 points 



Paf 2013

Wine of the Month Club, $12.99Paf 2013

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Aaron:  Olive and oak on the nose molded into mild tannins and a fruity flavor.  Decently sweet and medium bodied, this was easy to drink though pinpointing specific flavors was challenging.  I noticed some strawberry, floral, and generally “pink” flavors.  89 points for drinkability 

Teri: I loved the warm berry flavors with a hint of cinnamon and oak on the nose. This medium body French red contains smooth blackberry, cherry, and pepper with a medium finish. All around very enjoyable and easy to drink. 89 points 


Paf Pinot Noir 2013

Wine of the Month Club, $12.99Paf Pinot Noir

Aaron: I had pretty low expectations from the label – doesn’t exactly scream classy, more backyard party but I was admittedly pleasantly surprised.  The full, berry nose with oaky chocolate yielded to the medium body.  A solid nutty, light wood flavor hinted at some berries which were overshadowed by prominent tannins but the flavor wasn’t too chalky.  I felt this was nice to drink and stands up well to food.  91 points

Teri: This wine in the glass is a beautiful ruby red color with a black cherry pepper nose. The flavors on the wine consist of leathery vanilla with fruit with a hint of strawberry on the finish. This wine still had noticeable body but is smooth and easy to drink. If you drink it right when you open it, I did pucker a bit…so leave it out to breath for an hour and it will open up and take off the sharp bite. 88 points 

Villa Maria New Zealand Dry Riesling 2010 Private Bin

Villa Maria New Zeland Dry Resiling

Dry Riesling on Villa Maria Website

Wine of the Month Club, Feb 2015, $15.99

Aaron: Dry, fruity peach nose with some slate and mushroom.  This riesling is nice and crisp with some tangy citrus and orange fruits.  Tangerine and cantaloupe flavors are fine but not incredible.  88 points

Teri: The best part of this wine is the juxtaposition of the bright flavors to the clean dry finish of the wine. A nose of peach and green apple are reflected in the wine itself, carrying further green apple characteristics along with white peach and bitter pear. This wine is very easy to drink and I give it 90 points for its flavor and drinkability.