Monte Volpe Primo Bianco 2012 White Table Wine

Monte Volpe 2012 Primo BiancoWine of the Month Club, $7.99

MonteVolpe Website (Graziano Family of Wines)

Aaron:  Light melon and the nose with some subtle citrus.  The flavor is very tangy, like a tangerine candy almost.  I noted a lot of salt and sand, this wasn’t my favorite.  86 points

Teri: White wine blends can vary greatly, but this is one of the better ones I have tasted. The lemon characteristics on the nose open up to flavors of pineapple, lavender, and orange peel. With a very full finish, for a white, it leaves you with lovely lingering flavors of balanced fruit and floral together. I would enjoy this with a salad with a citrus dressing or fish, but it was also very enjoyable on its own. Try this one if you like your white wines a little more bold. 89 points 

Trumpeter Chardonnay 2011

Trumpeter Chardonnay 2011Wine of the Month Club $6.99

Aaron:  This is what white blueberries would smell like – pretty cool.  There’s a nice, smooth flavor which is decently rich and features cantaloupe undertones.  This is another great Trumpeter white!  91 points.

Teri: Light smell; I found it hard to pick a flavor to describe. The sip carries a crisp taste of lemon, peach, and just a hint of vanilla with full flavors and a long finish. This was our second bottle from Trumpeter, and it didn’t let us down! Another fantastic full and rich white. This chardonnay would be great with chicken and various white sauces, especially if they have lemon characteristics. 90 points 

Crusted Pie Pinot Noir 2012

Crusted Pie Pinot Noir 2012Sent from Wine of the Month after we didn’t like our last bottle.

Aaron:  Wine of the month gets major props, not only for making up for sending a bad bottle but for sending a great one to replace it!  This pinot had a perfect balance of oak and berries on the nose with noticeably red and black berries.  The best part is a perfect mouthfeel and great body for a pinot.  This was full but not overwhelming with a little bite of pepper but nothing uncomfortable.  92 points.

Teri: I smell spicy red berries on the nose (quite different for a pinot noir) but the flavor was spot on: red raspberry and strawberry busting from the seams! Just a hint of spice throughout, enough to just add complexity but not take away from those wonderful fruit flavors. A nice long and structure finish makes way to a slight leafy aftertaste, not quite my favorite but not enough to mask the beautiful flavors of the wine itself. Very easy to drink and would make a great gift for a wine lover or novelty for someone who loves baked good. 90 points 

Antawara Pinot Gris 2013

Antawara Pinot GrisWine of the Month Club (Dec 2014), $7.99

Aaron:  This smelled like cherry and white peaches with a hint of raspberry.  It felt big for the varietal and featured pronounced apple and pear flavors.  Not tart but also not sweet, almost like pavement, but overall pretty good.  89  points

Teri: This is a unique and fun wine from Chile. Overall dry, but carries some strong full flavors! Rich in Mandarin, peach, and a hint of clove, this bottle has a long full finish and feels full in your mouth. Refreshing, yet flavorful, I greatly enjoy this bottle. It is great to enjoy by itself and would also go well with seafood, salads with citrus dressing, and rich cheeses. 91 points